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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Explore Walt Disney World with us!

We are a family of 5 and we are Living Our Dream just miles from the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts in beautiful Florida!

We are Work At Home Moms!!!

We moved to Disney in January 2009 and started doing what we love to do ~ spending time in Disneyworld, and writing about it!

We looked into our options for starting a website and decided to go forward with an Informational Website with SBI, choosing the one of our favorite subjects ~ Walt Disney World Resorts!  

You can find us online at

 Trevon - official Florida resident!!! 
This pic was taken as we came into Florida on our move
I am writing this Living Disney blog and sharing our family pictures and stories with you to inspire you to Live Your Dream too, whether it's moving to Disney or something else! 

Whatever your Dream is ~ and no matter how big it is ~  you can make it come true like we did when we moved to be next to Walt Disney World, our happiest place on earth.

Early morning in the Magic Kingdom
Cinderella's Castle and Cinderella's Golden Carousel
If you love Orlando vacations, Walt Disney World vacations, Walt Disney World, Disney Parks, Disney Cruise Lines or Walt Disney World Resorts then you'll really enjoy our Living Disney blog. 

Flower and Garden Festival Epcot Walt Disney World Florida
Are you planning a trip to Walt Disney World Florida or an Orlando Florida vacation?

Maybe you  just need Disney World tips or a Disney "fix".  No matter ~ if you're a Disney lover  you'll find it all here!

 Elizabeth (the one under the sand!), Mahnara and Zarius
in the Boneyard at the Animal Kingdom Park
Our Disney family blog is filled with stories and pictures of our life here in Florida today, and Florida yesterday.  We like to have fun and constantly go to WDW and the surrounding areas.  

Mahnara and a Bengal Tiger at Busch Gardens Tampa Florida

Our stories will include our adventures at Orlando attractions, Seaworld Orlando, Legoland and Cypress Gardens, Central Florida zoos and museums and other attractions in downtown Orlando and the City of Orlando, Tampa, St. Augustine and more!!!  We also love to visit the beaches, like Daytona Beach fl and Sarasota. 

Mahnara and Zarius at Legoland Florida 11/11

We also love exploring Walt Disney Resorts!  To me and my family it is just as fun as going to the Disney Theme Parks.

We've made so many special friends who are cast members at the Resorts.  It is the Best place to go on your day off for a nice relaxing time.  

You will be surprised at the beauty and details that the Disney Imagineers put into the resorts at Walt Disney World.

Follow along on our Adventures here with us on our blog and get a taste of the Magic through our stories and pictures.

Disney Polynesian Resort - Walt Disney World



A Wonderful Blog! I can't wait to read more about your family and Disney Resorts! Thanks for everything!

I love stories by people who are doing what they want in their lives. Some people are stuck in a "rut" and can't be happy in their current job, etc. Thank you for taking control of your lives and exploring options to a happy lifestyle! Enjoy!

Love your blog..awesome pictures..You all seem very happy. My dream has been to move to Florida (someday soon, hopefully.) It's been my dream for as long as I can remember! I love seeing genuinely happy & nice people living their dreams:)

Hello, This is funmamas!

Thank you to everyone, we love hearing form all of the people out there who loves Disney.

We hope to encourage people to live their dreams, no matter what they are!

♥ funmamas from

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