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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

About my family! Post #1

We're going to talk a little about ourselves here on our Living Disney Blog.  

My sister and I lived in Asheville, N.C for 20 years.  We moved there from Fairbanks, A.K. in 1989.
We had a hard time in school trying to deal with the culture shock.  But we made it through like everyone else.

After High School we worked at various jobs, went to school to be a Nail Technician, and opened our own nail salon called The Art Of Nails. 

My sister, Amy, birthed a beautiful little boy in 1996.  His name is Trevon and he is so sweet!  Amy wanted to have a child but had no partner, so she used a Donor.


When Trevon was 1 year old, I went to live with her to help her out and keep her company. The funny thing is that I never left.

We got along so well and I loved Trevon as my own.  I stayed and lived with them and co-raised Trevon with her.

And this is the start of our family which now consists of:

Myself - Elizabeth
My sister - Amy
Her son- Trevon
Her 2nd son - Zarius 
My daughter - Mahnara 

Trevon Downtown Orlando


Mahnara and Zarius

Mahnara Downtown Orlando

Zarius Downtown Orlando

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