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Friday, March 30, 2012

Flashback Day #4 - Kissimmee, Davenport, Lake Mary? Where To?!?

Flashback Day!!!

Today is Flashback Day!
Flashback Day is a day I will dedicate my Disney Blog post to our story of Moving to Walt Disney World Florida!  

I kept a journal, complete with pictures of our move to Florida and I'm going to share it all with you here!

It starts 4 weeks before we moved to Florida, back in 2008, when we were in Asheville, N.C. and decided to make our Dream Come True by moving to to the Walt Disney World Florida area! 
Salem ~ he's my dad's cat (used to be ours, but my dad loves him and he loves my dad so he changed families).  He really LOVES Florida (esp. the lizards!)

Flashback Post #4

Journal Entry Date: 12/6/08

Title: Kissimmee , Davenport, Lake Mary?  Where to?!?

Journal Entry:

Okay, so I'm really considering homes in Kissimmee and Davenport.  
 I found a couple of really nice ones but they are in resort communities. 

 It sounds great, I don't mind living in a resort community with a beach, pools, clubhouses, movie theater and a nice house with a pool.

The bad thing about that is that the homes next to you may be short term rentals. Which means that they may be empty or you will have new neighbors every week or two. 
They could be loud and into parties or quiet and spend their days at the parks. 


Personally I don't think this sounds bad at all, although from what I've read on forums (City-data), that's a downfall for most people. 

 I found a beautiful 4 bdrm/4ba with pool and hot tub and 2200 sf, brand new for $1200. a month. We would be 20 minutes or less to the parks.  Sounds perfect to me!!

When we stayed at Hapimag Resort in January 2008, on a Walt Disney World vacation we noticed there were the Town Houses up front (it was a gated community) and in the back of the community they had a lot of nice homes. 

We drove around one night and wondered why some homes had Christmas decorations up, like they lived there long term, and some had lots and lots of cars in them like they were having a party. 
You could clearly see that some were permanent residents and some were short term rentals. 

I didn't see a problem with that area, I really liked the development and thought that is would be a nice place to live.

Unfortunately I don't have much time left to research as I have to get packing starting tomorrow. So much to do!
*Oh ~ our other option is living 40 minutes from WDW in Clermont or Lake Mary .  Those areas have been recommended to me a lot by other members who live in the area on DIS and on City-Data forums.

So many choices, too bad we can't go and visit the areas we're interested in!  It's hard having to choose the area and house we are going to be moving to without seeing them first!

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