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Friday, March 30, 2012

More About Our One of a Kind Disney Family! #2

This post is about us, the Living Disney Family of 5!  It's filled with more information about our unusual family, and is a continuation of where we left off HERE.

On  my last post I wrote about me, (Elizabeth, the younger sister), staying and living with my older sister Amy, and her son Trevon.

Like I said, I never left.  I have been living with them for 15 years!

Trevon, Zarius, and Mahnara

  I know for a lot of people our story may seem strange, because it's different, and for a lot of people, different is scary.

Believe me, I have heard it all over the years.  The biggest speculation is that there is some kind of "relationship" between my sister and I.


I love to laugh at that one☺.


So yes, I live with her and we co-raise our 3 children together.  No dads!  

 Let's go back about 12 years ... we had been working at a health food grocery store called Earth Fare, in Asheville, North Carolina.
  We were both cashiers and absolutely loved our jobs.  We learned so much valuable information that helped to change our lives forever!

My mother babysat for Trevon while we worked.  We would always try to get opposite shifts so we could watch him, but that didn't always work out, so my mom spent time with him (which she loved!!!)

Working there for 4 years showed us how to eat healthy and live healthy.  Not only about natural and organic foods but essential oils, homeopathic remedies, and vitamins and other things like acidophilus.


We met so many nice people there, including a very nice lady who was pregnant.  She saw how wonderful, special and sweet Trevon was (he was about 4 then) and how good we were with working with children.  She knew we were good moms, you can always tell by looking at someones children.

The lady's name was Tracy, and her husband was a chiropractor.  She asked me if I wanted to be her nanny when she had her child.  Of course I said yes!

So that was the start our babysitting/nanny careers.  We love children and love teaching them.  We also wanted to be home more often so we could be with Trevon more.

So we stopped working at Earth Fare, I went to be a nanny (I went from $8.00 an hour at EarthFare to making 12 dollars per hour as a nanny, and I got to work for myself!) and Amy started watching children in our home.


Amy never watched more than 3 children at a time.  Usually only one or two.  We wanted to give special attention to a few children plus our own.  We didn't want to be a commercial daycare facility, or a large home daycare like most other people.  
We wanted to offer a personal, loving home, that you could feel good about leaving your special child at.

What a wonderful way to work and support your family!  Amy and Trevon loved the children she helped raise.  We will never forget the special people we have met in our blessed lives, they were all special and we're so glad we got to be in part of their lives, and had an influence in their great beginnings.

It was a great choice and change in lifestyle.  Trevon had plenty of friends in the homeschooling groups that we got to take part in with our new life, and with the kids Amy had at her daycare. 

Through the years, even though I love Trevon with all of my heart, I wanted to know what it was like to be pregnant and birth a child.  So 6 years after Amy had Trevon, we decided it was my time to have a child.  

Trevon was always asking for a brother or sister.  I remember when we went to Disneyland when he was almost 5.  He made a wish in the Toontown Wishing Well.  I thought he would wish for toys or something, but he wished for a sibling.  It was so sweet!  To this very day, the younger 2 (Mahnara + Zarius) love knowing that their older brother wished for them!

So we researched and talked with our doctor and after months of waiting and wondering how, we decided on a way.

For almost a year I had a strong feeling about having a child.  I would have dreams of a blond small girl, I would go and buy baby clothes and cry at night because I didn't have that special someone to help me make a child.

I wasn't about to go out and date a random guy, or have an encounter and chance getting a disease or AIDs, just to have a child that I (we!) wanted more than anything.

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Thanks for sharing your family story, I enjoy reading about it. Families come in all sorts of ways and frankly you all seem happy. What more can we want for a family? :)

Hi Jo! Thank you for your comment. I know I mentioned I have heard lots of negative remarks, but I have received far more positive remarks ♥.

I am so glad you enjoy reading about our family and our adventures.

I agree ~ Families do come in different ways, and I can tell you, this family is full of love and happiness and we wouldn't change a thing.

I feel any family that has each other and is truly happy, as we are, is blessed ♥.

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