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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Our Lives (and the Earth's) Changed for the Better

In 1999 my sister and I got a job at Earth Fare in Asheville, N.C..  It changed our lives.  We learned so much about things we never even knew about.  This was a big life changing event for us.  We were  never the same after our years at Earth Fare, and I'm grateful for that.

Earth Fare was, and still is a Health Food Store.  It was very eclectic and was filled with interesting employees and customers.  We were both cashiers and had a busy but fun job.  Earth Fare was never slow, we were always busy working.  Asheville is a Health Food mecca.  There is no other place like it.  And at Earth Fare we met many wonderful people that we will never forget and who will always stay in our hearts.

Since 1999 we've eaten natural and organic as much as possible.  Of course we still have the rare treats, because a little bit won't hurt. 

 We learned about all types of scary things related to food.  MSG, Nitrates, Hormones, Hydrogenated Oils ... so many things that we knew even existed and after we found out about them and researched it further we avoided them like the poisons they are.  

We have used Seventh Generation cleaning products for over 12 years now.  Do you know how many trees and how much energy we've saved?  Do you know how many carcinogens are in the everyday cleaners and body care items you use?

This is the Laundry Detergent we use and I swear by it.  Even though it is Natural, it cleans super good and it doesn't irritate our skin like other brands with bad chemicals.

Most mainstream toothpaste and mouthwash are cancer causing.  Nitrates in your lunch meat and hot dogs cause cancer.  They say just 1 hot dog a week with Sodium Nitrate can cause Prostate Cancer in men (which my father had and survived).  I don't let my children near the stuff.  I always read labels to make sure it's Nitrate free. It's getting easier and easier to find Nitrate free meats and products in most grocery stores now.

Did you know that once you eat Hydrogenated Oils they never leave your body?  They stay inside you, collecting around your organs & clogging your veins and increasing your risk of stroke and heart failure in the future.  It's very real and very scary. 

 There are so many more things that we learned about food and food additives that took years worth of researching to find out about.  I could go on and on and on.  

That's why I say it was life changing.  Since 1999 I have only used natural and pure ingredient shampoos, conditioners, soaps, lotions, personal care products, toothpastes & mouthwash. Have only used non chemical cleaners, laundry products and dish soap that's better for us and the planet.  (And all the stuff works better too!!!).  We've eaten hormone free dairy products and meats and nitrate free meats and eliminated MSG as much as possible (they hide it well in some products!).

I have Earth Fare and it's wonderful employees and customers to thank for our health and for giving Mother Nature even a little break.  I will always be grateful for that.  It's a big part of who we are so I wanted to share it with you and maybe it will inspire you to do your own research on some of the subjects and it may change your life and your families lives for the better too ;)

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