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Saturday, March 3, 2012

We Survived 24 Hours at Disney World Magic Kingdom!

We Survived 24 Hours at Disney World Magic Kingdom!

We're Back! 
Sorry for not writing on our Disney Blog yesterday but we ended up sleeping in late and sitting around playing games.  We didn't have much energy left.  
We love BTMRR (Big Thunder Mountain Railroad) it was closed this day though
The 24 Hours at Disney World Magic Kingdom was awesome.  Very tiring but very fun!  We rode everything that we could.  Especially later in the morning around 4am it was practically walk on times.  

Rainbow from our front door the day we got home from our 24 hours at the Magic Kingdom
It was funny seeing people walking around in PJs.  Appropriate considering half of them ended up sleep walking or lying around the park sleeping.

The atmosphere later in the evening and morning was like a giant street party.  Lots of dancing and music.  We thought we would be bored and ready to go but we were wrong.

Spooky picture taken in the Attic of the Haunted Mansion in the middle of the night

Our favorite ride late at night was the Haunted Mansion.  My children loved riding it at that hour.  They said it was even creepier. 

It's a Small World ~ a Magic Kingdom classic!

It was definitely a unique Disney World experience and we would like for Disney to do it again in the future.  Maybe next time it could be a different park like Epcot.  That would be cool! 


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