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Monday, April 16, 2012

Busy day ~ fun night! We're headed to Disney Hollywood Studios

Just a quick update today.  Last night we went to the Magic Kingdom to take pictures.  We arrived at 10:30pm and stayed for EMH that ran until 3am.  We didn't get home until after 4 in the morning!

We were actually the last ones out of the park, and it was cool.

It was fun, and very magical as always.  We got LOTS of super pictures ~ some HDR, and I'm very excited to share them here with you in a few days.

I'll be doing a whole entire post on just MK photos of Fantasyland and Cinderella's Castle.  They are gorgeous, and I know you are going to enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them ☺.

We've spent all day working today.  Monday's are always busy.  Amy worked on eBay, filling orders, I worked on my website and the kids worked on their lessons.

We're about to head out to the post office and drop off the mail and then go over to Disney Hollywood Studios for the evening.


They have EMH tonight until 1am.  I'm tired, but it's the next to the last night of 1am EMH and I need to take advantage of it so I can get pictures.  It's so hard to take the pictures I want with crowds, that's why I LOVE EMH!  It allows me to just spend hours focusing on my shots.

I will share the DHS pictures with you here also.  I can't wait to get some great pictures of my favorite attraction, The Tower of Terror!  
Of course I'll make sure to ride it at least once before the park closes at 10 tonight.

Well, I'm off for a night of fun and photographing in my favorite place, Walt Disney World!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's update ♥

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Sounds like so much fun! Wish I could be in your family! <3

Can't wait to see the pictures! Glad you all had a great time!

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