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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Disney Pin Trading Tips and Information

Disney Pin Trading.  Here on the Living Disney blog, we Love Disney World Pin Trading and have lots of information and tips to share with you!

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Mahnara Disney Pin Trading at Disney Yacht Club Resort

Our family has been trading Disney pins for over 5 years and we love sharing all that we have learned. 
Disney has always sold pins in their Disney Theme Parks for collecting, but Disney Pin Trading officially started in October 1999.  It started with the Millennium Celebration.

This is when the Walt Disney Company started the tradition of pin trading.  Disney World Pin Trading is very fun and exciting and for people of all ages.

It's available at all of the Disney Parks like Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disneyland Resort Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland, and in Tokyo Disneyland (they sell the pins at Tokyo DL but do not trade them in the park).

Disney Pin Trading Board
Disney Pin Trading is not only at the Theme Parks but at the Walt Disney Resorts, some restaurants, and at Downtown Disney.


The Disney Resorts are a great place to trade pins. We have lots of fun trading in Disney Pin Trading Books, Pin Boards, and Cast Members with Disney Pin Lanyards on.

Disney World Pin Trading Pins

The Walt Disney Company supplies the Cast Members (also known as CM ) with the pins and lanyards that they wear.  They do not belong to the employees, they belong to the Disney Company.

This is why they have to trade pins with you and can't say no,  With a few exceptions.

  • They can not trade a pin that is already on their lanyard
  • The pin has to say (c)Disney on the back
  • The pin has to be made of metal
  • The pin has to be undamaged

Cast Member at a Pin Trading Cart
The CMs wear Disney Pin Lanyards in 2 different colors.  Black, which is for everyone to trade with, and green/teal, which is for children age 12 or under only.

The rule is you can trade 2 Disney Pins per cast member, per day.

The CM's wear either a lanyard around their neck or a square one on their hip. 

You can buy Cheap Disney pins for only $1.50 each!!!

Disney Port Orleans Pin Trading Board

Everyone will enjoy Disney World Pin Trading.  Give it a try on your next Disney World Vacation and start a new, fun, and magical tradition!

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