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Monday, April 23, 2012

How To Play Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

The Crystal of the Magic Kingdom is in danger, and as a Sorcerer of the Magic Kingdom, you can help protect it from the Disney Villains;  Hades, Jafar, Cruella DeVil, Scar, Ursula, Dr. Facilier, Yzma, Maleficent, Governor Radcliffe, Maleficent and Chernabog!

You must visit 5 lands in the Magic Kingdom to defeat all of the Villains, but it's not required to play the game.  If you're on a Disney World Vacation, and don't have much time ~ don't worry!

You can still help protect the Magic Kingdom and become a Sorcerer!

You can play for as little, or as long as you want!  Just go to the Main Street Fire Station upon entering the park, show them your Disney theme park ticket, and poof!  You'll be an official Sorcerer of the Magic Kingdom!


You will receive a pack of Sorcerer of the Magic Kingdom Spell Cards (containing 5 random cards, 1 of which will always be a rare star card), a Map, and a Portal Key.

The game will send you to 5 different lands in the Magic Kingdom.  If you want to stay together as a group, request this when receiving your first portal key.  NOTE:  Although a CM can set a group's adventure to stay in the same land as each other, so you're not sent to 5 different areas of the park, it's not possible to go to the exact same portals as each other, it's random.

Scan your portal key at any portal (there are quite a few on Main Street) and it will tell you which land and portal you're supposed to head to next.

Hang onto your portal key, and keep it handy.  It contains an RFID card, that is "connected" to your park ticket, so don't worry if you loose it ~ you can show your park ticket and get a replacement card.  Everything will remain the same, don't worry☺.

We carry our Spell cards in a card binder, to protect our cards and keep them handy for using during spells.  We also put our portal key in the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Spell Card Binder so it's always handy too!



Another great way to carry your portal key is around your neck, in a pouch hanging from a Disney World lanyard (or trading pin lanyard).

There are many types of Spell Cards, and ways to use them.  If you want to find out more about the various spell cards 1-60 and 61-70, using spell card combinations, and playing the game, please click on one of the links below, we've gone into detail on other pages:


To battle the Villains all you need to do is take any of your spell cards and your portal key and go to the correct portal.

Once you're there, just stand on the SOTMK Sorcerers Crest on the ground (this is VERY important ~ if you don't stand on the crest in the ground, the camera won't read your spell card correctly, and you'll have to go to another portal and start again), and scan your portal key.

You will watch the interactive video on the screen (and the videos are awesome, as are the portals!), and maybe even get the chance to use a spell or your Sorcerers Crest (sometimes you'll be asked to use the Sorcerers Crest, instead of a spell, which is basically the symbol on the back of any spell card.  Hold a spell card up backwards to use the crest).

If you have any problems with your spell card (Zarius had one that stopped working once, the cameras wouldn't read it), don't worry, just go back to a Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom office (there is one on Main Street in the Fire Station, or one in Liberty Square, behind/next to the Christmas Shop), and they'll fix it, or replace it for you, and have someone check out the portal to make sure it's working properly.

Game play continues on until all 9 villains, in all 5 of the lands.  After you've finished, you're supposed to move up a level, to medium, and the game play is supposed to get more challenging.  Keep in mind thought that the game play is the same, the videos are the same.  What changes is that you'll have to work harder to beat the villains.

NOTE:  As of now, 4/12, game play is stuck on Easy.  You can't advance at the end of the game to the next level.  There are several rumors as to why this is, you can view some of the rumors below.

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom is a very fun and exciting (and addictive) new interactive Disney game.  My family and I really enjoy spending time at the MK playing, collecting spell cards and sometimes trading with other guests.

I will keep you updated here on my Disney Blog ☺.  I will be sure to post any new information on the game, game play, rumors, etc. as soon as I find out about it.

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We'd love to hear your comments!  Have you heard a rumor about Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom merchandise?  Do you have any tips on playing the game, or storing your collection?  Do you have any questions about SOTMK?  We'd love to hear from you ~ just leave a comment ☺.

Have fun fellow Sorcerers!

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