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Sunday, April 29, 2012

It's Humid and getting HOT!

Well, it's officially that time of year!  Humid, Hot, and getting Hotter!!!

I grew up in Alaska, and then Asheville, NC.  The weather was pretty much perfect year round in Asheville, with the summers not too hot, and the winters not too cold.

I am NOT one that tolerates heat well, and that's one of the issues I had when considering moving to Florida a few years back.

I survived though, and it's not that bad (keep in mind I stay holed up in the house for a couple of months a year when it's really hot, lol.).

I am definitely getting used to the heat.  I can handle it better.  And the humidity!  That's the worst!  Some days I feel as if I can't breathe well, or catch my breath because it's so humid outside.


Each year I have remembered the moment that the humidity came.  The day or evening that the weather went from nice, or tolerable, to humid and hot.

Well, guess what?  It happened!  

Last night I went out onto the lanai in the early morning hours (we like to swim at night, and into the early morning hours sometimes ☺), and it was hot, and humid.  So very humid!  

Winter is gone, and it sure doesn't feel like spring anymore!  It's sunny, humid and hot ~ 90 degrees hot.

I have to remind myself though that 90 isn't so bad when you think of the temperatures to come.  Soon I'll be wishing it was 90!

I sure have enjoyed the nice weather these past few months.  It's so truly wonderful in Florida from Jan.-April.

I look forward to those months ALL YEAR LONG!  You can imagine the relief the cool weather is when it finally arrives at the end of the year.  (Yes, it didn't get cool until late December last year!)

This will be my fourth summer here.  I can handle it.  I'll stay indoors during the middle of the day and go out in the early morning, or in the evening when the sun has set (the sun makes it so much worse).

I'll be in the pool a lot during the summer, in the early morning, and in the evening, when the sun is just right and my pool is in the shade, or partial shade.

I'll wear lots and lots of sunblock, and drink lots and lots of water, and enjoy my beautiful Florida home for a few months.

I go out so much, it's nice to have a few months to be at home more, and enjoy it ♥.

I have a feeling it's going to be a hot one this year, and I'm ready for it!!!

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