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Friday, April 13, 2012

Photographs of Disney World Showcase at Epcot

Replica of the Terracotta Army in China, Epcot Disney World Showcase

Below you'll find some of my favorite photographs of Disney World Showcase in Epcot ☺.

I took the pictures with a Cannon EOS Rebel T3i and an Olympus PEN EPL1.

A view of Canada from Japan, at Epcot Disney World Showcase

Vikings!  Norway, Disney World Showcase at Epcot

Germany in Epcot World Showcase

Bonsai in Japan, Epcot World Showcase


 San Angel Inn;  Mexico, Disney World Showcase, Epcot

La Hacienda de San Angel in Mexico, Epcot Disney World Showcase

Colorful buildings of Norway, Epcot, Disney World Showcase

Norway, Epcot Disney World Showcase

China, Epcot, Disney World Showcase

China, Disney World Showcase in Epcot

A view of Tower of Terror (Disney Hollywood Studios), and Morocco (Epcot) from Epcot International World Showcase

Bride to France (view from the International Gateway), Epcot Disney World Showcase

The photography opportunities are endless at Epcot and Disney World Showcase.   It's one of my absolute favorite places to photograph at Walt Disney World ♥.

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I want to go back to Disney so badly this year! Those look awesome, and super fun to be at!

PS this is jenniferpro from WI&Jenn Littlemissysugoi from fb xD

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