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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tower of Terror, Cupcakes and Downtown Disney ~ Our Fun Filled Day!

Tower of Terror at Disney Hollywood Studios.

We just got home from a long and fun day at Disneyworld.  We started the day off at Downtown Disney Shopping ~ pin trading and taking Disney pictures. 

Downtown Disney

We tried a new Hot Chocolate at Ghirardelli (I'll tell you all about it in another blog post soon), and went to T-Rex Cafe.

Tower of Terror inside

After a couple of hours there we drove down the road to Disney Hollywood Studios.  

Disney Hollywood Studios

We stopped by the Starring Rolls Cafe (our first time there, and I'll post all about it soon, along with pictures of their famous and delicious cupcakes), and then headed to our favorite Walt Disney World Attraction ... the Tower of Terror!!!!!

Boy do I love TOT!  It's so fun!  

On the ride ~ Tower of Terror

Every time I ride it I get a little nervous, I have to admit, even though it doesn't scare me.  I guess it's the thrill of it.  The mix of excitement and maybe a little fear ☺.

It wasn't busy at all.  At 3pm it had a 10 minute wait.  The whole park was actually not very crowded, it was nice.


It was perfect Disney World weather ~ in the low 80's, sunny and a light breeze.  Perfect.

Around the back of TOT

We rode Tower of Terror 2 times (which wasn't enough, lol).  I could ride it over and over and over again!  The drop sequence is so short.

It's a very short ride, but really amazing ☺.  I love that it's a different drop sequence each time, to keep it new and fun.

The first ride was definitely better than the second, the drops were bigger and better.  Way more air time!  I'm talking from the bottom to the top and back down again and up again without stopping!

Inside the line at Tower of Terror.

I love the building itself too, the Hollywood Tower Hotel.  We got some great pictures of it, and I can't wait to take pics in the evening so I can create HDR photos of it.

It was just us girls going on Tower of Terror today.  

Trevon doesn't care for the ride, and Zarius choose to skip it this time, so he could go with his big brother and ride Star Tours instead.  They enjoyed it, and had a great time together.  

Zarius was super excited because he was picked to be the Rebel Spy in the ride!  They put his picture on the screen in a wanted poster ~ it was awesome ☺.

We basically just walked through the stores and traded pins, watched the parade, ate cupcakes, took lots of pictures, enjoyed the atmosphere and just being there, talked to some nice Cast Members and rode TOT twice.

That is one of the BEST things I love about living near Disney.  That I can go to a park for just an hour or two or three.  That I can stop in for a treat, or dinner, or for 1 ride.  In this case it was to try cupcakes (for future blog post review) and to ride TOT.  FUN!

Do you like Tower of Terror?  Have you watched the movie?  We'd love to hear your comments!

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I LOVE Tower of Terror. I love any thrill ride. Not the ones that go round and round though. TOT is my favorite I believe. Not many in my family will ride. It is usually me and mey brother to go on this one. Although my dad went on it once and screamed like a girl. LOL. I did watch the movie a few months back on YouTube as I was too lazy to find it some place else. It was very cute.

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