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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Universal Studios City Walk, Pinkberry Yogurt, Yankee Candles; A Stormy, FUN day!

We had a super fun day day yesterday!  We went somewhere we've never went before ~ Universal Studios City Walk!

Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure

It all started when we left home to go to Orlando Premium Outlets, on International Drive.

We went outside to get into the car and this is what we saw:

A storm is coming!
A big Storm was coming!  Wow, was the sky dark and ominous!

Sky towards Disney ~ and awesome trees!

 Luckily the storm moved fast, and we got the worst of it when we were getting gas, before we got on I-4.  It was raining very hard, and hailing!  The wind was terrible, and it was blowing dirt and leaves and debris everywhere.

The road!

Traffic was slow on I-4 but we finally arrived at the outlet mall.  We go to the Premium Outlet mall mainly for two reasons.  The Disney World Character Outlet and the Yankee Candle Outlet!  While we're there we also get a yogurt at Pinkberry☺.

Original and Peach Yogurt ~ SO yummy and good for you!
We love Yankee Candles and have quite a collection of them, lol.  I love the outlet, the prices are so good!

Yankee Candle at Orlando Premium Outlets
Last fall I bought my first Yankee Candles, after I found out they were lead free.  I bought about 30 different votives, so I could try them to see which ones I liked.  I am sensitive to smells, and don't like anything too strong, or perfumy, so trying the votives first worked great for us.

Yankee Candles!

We only buy the large jars after we've tried the scent, and we like it.  Well, this is what happened around Easter.  I bought a couple of the Chocolate Easter Bunny votives and we loved them!  They smell so good!

Yankee Candles on Sale!

The Yankee Candle Outlet Store had the large jars on sale for $10.00 each, so we had to go and buy a few of them.

Chocolate Bunnies Yankee Candle

While were were there we went to the Disney Outlet Store, Disney's Character Warehouse.  You can find great deals there.  When we used to come to WDW on vacation we'd always make the outlet our first stop.

You can find all types of Official Walt Disney World merchandise, for up to 70% off of original theme park prices!

Disney World Outlet!

It's a great place to buy Disney Trading Pins, plush animals, clothing, Vinylmations, Jewelry and more!

Of course we could never go to the Premium Outlets without stopping by Pinkberry!


There are many different types of frozen greek yogurt places around, but Pinkberry is the original, and still the best.

You just have to try a sample if you're near one, I'm sure you'll love it.

Pinkberry Samples!
I love that they use only rBGH free milk (rBGH is a synthetic growth hormone, a genetically engineered E. coli bacteria injected into cows to boost milk production short term.  It's cruel to animals, causing health problems and can show up as a residue in the milk you drink).

The yogurt tastes similar to Greek Yogurt, and there are 5 varieties right now.  I like the Original the best.  The yogurt has a lot of protein and calcium, and is packed with live and active cultures.
You can get the yogurt by itself, or add fresh fruit (my favorite) or sweet toppings ~ as many as you want!

Fresh Fruit Toppings!

Candy Toppings
After we ordered our yogurt we headed for our new adventure!  Universal Studios Orlando ~ City Walk!

Trevon and his camera at Universal City Walk

Believe it or not, we've never been to Universal Orlando.  Amy and I have been to Universal Studios California, we lived in Riverside for a few years when we were little.

Neon Mini Golf sign against a stormy sky
I do have plans to get annual passes to Universal though, very soon.

Mahnara at Universal City Walk

It was still rainy and the skies were still cloudy, but it was a wonderful night.

City Walk was awesome, filled with all types of clubs, restaurants, shops, lights and people!

Mahnara surfing ~ Zarius fell off of the surf board!

We took some great photographs, and explored the area.  They had a Moes, which was great, as we were hungry.  They also had a neat little candy store that had candy cigarettes!  

Candy Cigarettes

Boy that brought back memories!  Does anyone remember candy cigarettes?  Amy and I used to walk to the 7-11 when we were little, in Fairbanks Alaska, and buy Slushies and candy cigarettes. 

Of course I had to buy a pack for the kids and us to try.  They were pretty much the same, but they no longer had the red paint on the end, to look as if they're lit.

Hard Rock Hotel

Of course, my kids know how bad and deadly smoking is, and would never try a real cigarette, or cancer stick.

I liked the way City Walk was laid out, with multiple levels (a great idea for Downtown Disney), and the moving walkways (I wish Disney has some of those!) were nice.

Universal City walk from the second level

Overall it was a great experience and a special day.  We're going back very soon, to take a boat from City Walk to the Universal Orlando Hotels.  We are looking forward to exploring those too.

I also want to get some daytime shots of Universal, it's a great place for taking photographs. 

I love being so near to so many attractions.  Between the theme parks, museums, zoos, gardens and attractions (mini golf, etc.), there is always something to do.  

We've been here over 3 years and we still haven't done everything, and I don't know if we ever will, or even can!

Well, I have to wrap this up.  I hope you have enjoyed this update and pictures.

We are headed out for the evening.  Another EMH at the MK!  This time I'm focusing on capturing shots of Adventureland and Frontierland, and of course, I'll share it with you here soon ♥.

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