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Friday, April 13, 2012

We're headed over to the Magic Kingdom tonight ...

Well, it's going on 5:00 and it's been a long day of work here.  Amy has been listing pins on eBay all day and I have been adding a new page to my website,

The kids have been visiting with their Grammie since early this morning.  They sure love going to grammie's house!  They get to play with the friends they've made in that neighborhood, and eat treats exclusive to grammie's house, lol.

I am going to wrap things up here at home and go and pick them up on the way to Disney World.

Luckily grammie lives between us and Disney, so it's very convenient. 

My mom and dad ended up buying a house here in Florida, to be next to us and  the kids.  They live here about 9 months of the year, the other 3 months or so they live in Asheville, NC.

My mom still loves the mountains, even though they are getting harder and harder to see through all the pollution and smog :(.

My dad never really liked Asheville, and prefers to stay in Florida, his native state.  He grew up in Fort Lauderdale, and although he never would have picked up and moved back to Florida, he was very happy to move down here when my mom insisted on being close to us ☺.

We haven't been to a Disney park in almost 2 weeks!  Trevon and I have the Premium Annual Pass and the rest of us have the Seasonal Passes.

We do it that way so that Trevon can go to the parks when he wants, even if we don't want to go, or can't go, or I can go with him too.

As for Amy and the kids, they don't like the heat, the humidity or the crowds, so they never use their passes during the summer, or holidays anyway.  You can save a lot of money by purchasing the Seasonal Passes instead of the Annual Passes if you don't visit during the summer or holidays.

There have been blackout dates due to Easter for the last two weeks but that lifted as of today.  Seasonal pass holders can go to the parks again, and Disney here we come!

It's gotten quite warm (or hot depending on your tolerance) here during the days, so we usually go to the parks in the evening, after the sun sets.

There is usually a nice breeze, and the weather cools down nicely.

That won't last though ~ give it another month or so and it will be hot and humid 24/7.

Although my favorite weather is in January, I really enjoy March and April evenings at Walt Disney World, they are very fun and special for us.

Tonight we've picked the Magic Kingdom because we haven't played Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom in awhile and we need two more cards to complete our collection!  Cross your fingers for us!

They are also open late (Till 12am) and have extra magic hours 'till 3am!

If you're in the parks after 12am during the EMH you can't ride rides as a non-resort guest BUT you can hang out, enjoy the Disney shopping and Disney dining and relax in a quiet (for the most part) park.

We love EMH nights.  We don't ride rides (we have plenty of time to do that another day), but instead we just enjoy the park to it's fullest.  We take a lot of Disney pictures, eat, drink, sit around and enjoy the atmosphere and shop.  

♥ It's a great way to relax in the park ♥.

I will try and take a picture of the new Avengers Disney Monorail if I can, and maybe a treat or two for my next blog post.  Until then, ~ have fun and thanks for reading! 

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You are living the dream of so many people. Enjoy your evening at Magic Kingdom, can't wait to see the pictures! :)

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