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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Best Wishes Fireworks Viewing Spots *Disney Tip*

To me, Wishes, the nightly fireworks show at Disney Magic Kingdom, is an magical and incredible experience, and for most, it's the highlight of their Disney World vacation.

My family and I here at Living Disney, love to watch Wishes, and we have tried very hard over the last few years to find the perfect spot☺.

There are many wonderful spots to view the nightly Magic Kingdom fireworks, some inside the park, and some outside of the park.

You don't even have to spend the day in the Magic Kingdom to enjoy the fireworks!


I am going to list some of our favorite spots to view Wishes below, with comments next to each location.  

Make sure you bring your camera.  Having a DSLR instead of a point and shoot will defiantly make a difference.  We use our Canon EOS Rebel T3i and absolutely love it!  Our dream camera though is the Canon EOS 5D Mark III Digital Camera   which is a wide angle camera that rocks, but is over our budget (way over, LOL)

In the Park                                                                                        
• WDW Railroad Train StationJust take the stairs up to the train station for an incredible view of Main Street, Cinderella Castle and the fireworks!  Make sure to get there early for a seat!  

• Bridge to TomorrowlandIt's affords you a great view of Cinderella's Castle, and the fireworks over the water!  

• Crystal PalaceIn between Crystal Palace and the Emporium you'll find a wonderful view of the fireworks and Cinderella's Castle.  

• Standing in front of Cinderella's Castle The most common spot to view the fireworks is standing in front of Cinderella's Castle.  It's a great spot to watch them, with the Castle above you.  You definitely feel right in the middle of it all.  It's very crowded though, with shoulder to shoulder crowds, so if you're looking for something a bit more private you may want to skip standing here and find another special spot to view the fireworks. Please keep in mind if you do choose to watch Wishes from this spot you need to arrive early, as the crowds to start accumulating a long time before the show starts.  Also, when the fireworks are over, you'll have to fight against the crowds to get out of that area.

Outside of the Park:

*Our Favorite Secret Spot* Roof of the Contemporary!  The views are absolutely breathtaking from the roof of Disney Contemporary Resort.  You can access the roof by taking the elevator to the highest floor you can access, then walking up to the top.  Just go right once you get off of the elevator and head right again to the Exit door.  Take the stairs up to the roof (the steps lead straight there), and you'll be on the roof!  Once you're on the roof you'll find a pay viewfinder, a walkway and a fence.  You are allowed to be up here, don't worry!  The only thing to keep in mind is that the Exit door will lock on you after you go through it.  You'll have to walk down the steps to the 4th floor of the resort to get back in ~ but it's worth it!!!  You'll find no better view of Wishes than on the rooftop of the Contemporary Resort.  

• Fourth Floor Balcony of the Contemporary ResortThe 4th floor balcony of the CR is a very popular place to view Wishes.  You need to arrive early if you wish to get a seat.  (Yes, they do have bench seating for fireworks viewing)  One of the benefits of watching Wishes here is that they play the soundtrack on the balcony, which is nice.  One of the things I don't like about it is that it's usually crowded, and they don't dim the lights once the show starts.    

• Parking lot of the Contemporary Resort.  One of my favorite spots to watch the fireworks is in the parking lot of the CR.  Anyone can enter the parking lot ~ just tell the guard at the gate you're visiting the resort and you'll be directed to the parking area.  I like to pull into the parking lot that's usually quite empty, next to the road.  You'll have perfect views of the fireworks right above you.  The fireworks are larger than life and absolutely gorgeous from this special spot.  

• Beach at Disney Polynesian Resort A beautiful and magical place to view the fireworks is from the beach at the Polynesian Resort.  The view from the beach, with the lake in front of you, and a gorgeous view of Cinderella's Castle is just magical.  Anyone can watch Wishes from the beach, whether you're a guest staying there or not!  If you're at another monorail resort and you want to view the fireworks from the beach just take the Disney World Monorail over to the Poly.  You can also take the Disney World Monorail to the Poly from Epcot, just take the monorail from Epcot to the TTC (Ticket and Transportation Center), and then get on a monorail headed to the MK.  Once you get off of the monorail at the MK you can get back onto a monorail running the resort line, or take a Disney Boat to the Poly.  

• Disney BoatIf you can time a ride on a Disney Boat across the lake to the Polynesian you will have an incredible view of Wishes!  It's a fun experience, and anyone can enjoy it ~ whether you're a resort guest or not.   If you're lucky, the boat driver may even stop on the lake during the show!  

• Ferry Boat Dock.   A not so well known, but great spot to watch the fireworks in on the Ferry Boat Dock!  It affords you a beautiful view of Wishes across Bay Lake, and it rarely crowded.  It's the perfect spot for catching the fireworks on your way out.  Just make sure to take the ferry or monorail back to the TTC early enough to get a spot before it starts.  It's not very crowded, so you should have no problem finding a good viewing spot.  The good thing about this special spot is that when the fireworks are over, you can just head out to your car, and miss all the crowds!

There are very many special places to view Wishes, and I've just listed some of our favorites. 

Some of our favorite Wishes memories aren't even from standing in one spot to watch them.  

I love catching glimpses of Wishes while I'm enjoying the Magic Kingdom and I'm on attractions.  Some of my favorite glimpses of fireworks are: while screaming and laughing on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, flying high in the sky on Aladdin's Magic Carpets, spinning in the sky on Astrorbitor, relaxing on the TTA (Tomorrowland Transit Authority), enjoying the peace and quiet of Adventureland, and coming into the docks at Splash Mountain to be rewarded with a sky full of awesome fireworks!

I can even see the fireworks (a great view of them actually), on my way to the grocery store!  Sometimes I'll just pull over on the ridge if I see them starting as I'm driving by, and enjoy the show, right next to home.  

I never get tired of watching Wishes, it's always special and magical to me ♥.

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