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Friday, May 25, 2012

Drinkwallah - Disney Animal Kingdom Theme Park Dining

In Asia, in Disney Animal Kingdom, you'll find the most beautiful Disney Theme Park dining building, and a great place to get refreshing drinks;  Drinkwallah.

You'll find many yummy beverage choices and some snack items there, and plenty of seating in a scenic outdoor atmosphere.


The Menu:

You can use your Disney Dining Plan Snack Credits there too!

The building is beautiful, and so perfectly themed!  Even if you aren't going to grab a drink or snack from Drinkwallah you should stop by to look inside or to take a Disney picture.  The Imagineers did such a super job designing the building, it's surroundings and decorating it's interior.


Drinkwallah in Disney Animal Kingdom is located in Asia, just across the bridge.  It's not far from Expedition Everest, our favorite attraction in AK ☺.

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thank you for posting these, took me right back to animal kingdom :-) Gosh I love it there!

Hi Adam!
I agree, I love Disney Animal Kingdom Park. Thanks for reading!

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