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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mitsukoshi Department Store ~ Japan Epcot World Showcase

Did you know that there is a department store in Walt Disney World?  That's right!  Mitsukoshi Department Store in Japan at Epcot World Showcase is the only department store in WDW!

It's also our favorite store here on the Living Disney blog, in the whole wide world☺.  We have always wanted to go to Japan and this is the closest we can get right now.

You can walk through this awesome store with us by watching the videos below.    

And part two ...

You can find more of our Walt Disney World videos if you visit us (LivingDisney), on YouTube.

There are so many incredible items for sale in Mituskoshi, and it's easy to spend WAY too  much money there!

If you love Hello Kitty, Pokemon, Miyazaki, or items you can only find in Tokyo then you'll love this store!  The employees are also from Japan and very nice and fun to talk to.

They have everything from toys and stuffed toys,  jewelry, authentic Japanese Kimonos, to bath and body items that you can only find in Japan.  Don't forget to purchase a Lucky Cat or Owl while you're there.

If you love pearls you can pick your own pearl out and watch as they open the oyster right in front of you, and perform a little ceremony and play the drums.  They will measure it and clean it for you and you can even have it made into your favorite piece of jewelry right there while you watch and wait!


The most fun part of the store for us is the candy store.  It's full of unusual and foreign foods, candies and drinks.  Some items are so yummy!  We love to try new things each time, and pick up our old favorites.

You can find the most beautiful chopsticks, bowls, plates and tea sets there too and they even have a Sake bar!!!!

On the second level of Mitsukoshi, with access available from outside the store you'll find the delicious Teppan Edo sit down Disney Dining Restaurant and across the walk you'll find Tokyo Dining, a wonderful quick service Disney Dining Restaurant option.

I hope you have the opportunity to visit Mitsukoshi in Japan at Epcot World Showcase one day ☺.

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One of my favorite stores also. Being that we aren't local, we splurged twice for the pearl experience, my daughter wears a pearl necklace every day to school. We tried Teppan Edo on our last trip and it was our favorite restaurant of the week. Japan is a great place to visit at Epcot. :)

Oh how neat! We haven't gotten a pearl yet, but it's on our to do list. I want to make a video documentation of it to share here and on YouTube.

Teppan Edo is really great isn't it? What did you get?

This is our favorite store in all of WDW. I am an addict of the beautiful Japanese dishes; this is my "splurge" for our trips. Now we have a collection of about 30 dishes - so pretty. When we have friends over and I serve on these dishes I always get inquiries as to where we purchased these beautiful dishes. Rarely can anyone believe they are from Disney World!

At Teppan Edo we tried the 3 desserts from the dining plan menu, chocolate ginger cake, green tea pudding and ice cream. As for the meal we tried the beef and chicken with noodles. Of course, now I totally want to have some! LOL! ;)

My family loves this store, even my shopping phobic 12 yo son! This trip I may break down an buy one of those solar powered movement animals.

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