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Monday, May 14, 2012

Videos are Here!! It's Official ~ we're on YouTube!

This is a very exciting blog post for us!  We've uploaded our first Walt Disney World Videos on YouTube!

I wrote the other day explaining that videos were coming soon to and we're excited to announce that they are here!

We will be sharing videos throughout the week of our adventures at Walt Disney World in the Disney Theme Parks and Disney Resorts!

We started our very own YouTube channel, LivingDisney, where you can find all of our Disney videos.  

We aren't posting every single video on our Disney blog, because there will be a lot of them, but we will post them here throughout the week, and you can always find all of our videos as we create them and upload them on YouTube at LivingDisney.  

Make sure to comment ~ we'd love to hear from you, (suggestions are always welcome, including video ideas!).

Don't forget to subscribe so you can enjoy the Magic along with us, and never miss a video ☺.

Enjoy, and thanks for reading (and viewing!).

Next ... stay tuned for a Giveaway! 

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I loved the videos you had posted. Makes me feel like I am right there also. I want to live in Disney!!

Thanks Allison! It was my goal to make it seem as if the viewer were at Disney experiencing it.

We're so blessed to be here, and to be able to visit the parks and resorts all the time. We're happy to share.

I remember all too well the long waiting in between our annual trips years and years ago.

I loved to go to DIS and read trip reports, and look at the pictures and imagine myself there!

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