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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Disney World Vacation TIP: Protect you and your children from the harsh Florida Sun!

Protect you and your children from the harsh Florida sun, that's pretty much the biggest Disney World Vacation Tip I can give you.

There isn't a day I go to Publix, or a local store and see pink tourists.  Sunburned tourists ... it's a common sight here next to Walt Disney World.

I see sunburned children and adults, and sometimes the burn is severe. 

The Florida sun is HOT and very damaging.  Even if it's a cloudy day, the UV rays will still do their dirty work of damaging your fragile skin.

You wouldn't want to end up looking like this, would you?

It doesn't take long to apply sunblock, and it won't prevent you from getting a tan, don't worry.

It will prevent you from getting leathery skin, and putting you at a higher risk of getting skin cancer in the future.

I bet this lady never used sunblock, and has never thought twice about it.  Do you really want your skin to look like this?

I always feel especially sorry for the little babies and children in pain from their burns on their foreheads and faces.  All it takes to prevent their suffering, and to protect their skin for the future is a sun hat.

We never took the children to the park, on a walk, or on vacation without one.  We had a couple of hats for each child, and they started wearing them when they were little babies and we went on our first cruises, and our first trip to Walt Disney World.


The hats above are similar to the hats we had for Mahnara and Zarius when they were little.  They are lightweight, cotton and comfortable, and best of all they feature a velcro closure they actually stay on!  These hats make it SO easy to protect your children, and they are adorable too ☺.

Of course we still lathered them up with sunblock, because the hat doesn't keep them 100% protected from the sun, but it does work wonders at protecting their scalp, ears, forehead, neck, shoulders and back.

Even if I didn't use one for sun protection, I'd use it to protect their eyes.  The hats keep the sun out of their little eyes, and the difference between the sun on your eyes with or without a hat is incredible, even if you're wearing sunglasses.

We also put hats on the kids in the pool, or when we visited the water parks.  

If you start early with putting a hat on your baby or child they'll never mind it, and even ask for it eventually, because it keeps the sun out of their eyes and makes outdoor time much more enjoyable.

I wear an adult sun hat, that has a wide brim to keep the sun off of my face, ears, eyes, and neck.

They sell a hat like it at Disney Animal Kingdom for around $40.00, so buy one ahead of time and you'll save money.  That's more money for you to use on your vacation ☺.

Over the years we've tried many, many different brands of sunblock on the quest for the perfect one.

We want sunblock that's not greasy, that goes on easily, that doesn't irritate our skin, (we have very sensitive skin), and most importantly ~ one that works.

I've used sunblock that at the end of the day you come home and you're still burned.  Some work, some don't.

The 1 and only sunblock we use is Banana Boat Kids Tear Free SPF 50 Mist Spray.

You can find it at drug stores, Target and Walmart.

It sprays on, but to make sure we get even coverage we actually spray it on and then rub it in, or spread it around.  It may look greasy at first, but it quickly soaks in, and you can't even tell you have it on.

What I love is that it's unscented.  I can't stand strong fragrances, and a lot of sunblocks are very smelly.

We never, ever get burned, even when we're out all day in the harsh sun.

We do reapply ~ you should always reapply every 2 hours or so.  You should also apply the sunblock indoors, out of direct sunlight at least 20 minutes before exposing yourself to the sun.  Also, apply it liberally, and make sure to rub it in well.

I highly recommend the Banana Boat sunblock I mentioned above as it works great, is easy to go on, safe for the little ones and doesn't irritate the skin.

We even use it on our face!

Remember to put sunblock on your ears!  Did you know that's one of the most forgotten spots to apply sunblock to, and is a common place for skin cancer to appear?

It only takes 15 minutes in the sun, especially the Florida sun, to burn.  That's right!  15 minutes!

Did you know that it's a burn on top of a burn that is very dangerous, and can increase the chance of skin cancer?

Please keep yourself safe when you go outdoors.  All it takes is a few minutes of preparation before heading out.

Apply sunblock to all of your exposed skin, and put on a hat and sunglasses.  You'll be more comfortable AND more healthy and beautiful ♥.

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