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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Kid's New Blog and YouTube Channel!

If you've read any of our About the Family posts you'll know that we homeschool, or unschool the children.

Being home and being able to learn at home means that the kids can learn about what they love the most, and spend more time on their passions and hobbies, and interests.


I am very proud of Mahnara and Zarius because they started a blog a little while ago and it's just wonderful and beautiful.  

You should check it out!  It's full of beautiful photos,  interesting stories, and creative videos.

It's ...

They've also got their own awesome YouTube  channel for their stories, arts and crafts, and nail art videos.

It's very fun, and the kids love to spend some of their free time taking photographs around Disney and Orlando for their blog and photo posts, and creating fun stories with good morals.

They wanted to add to the fun and create new names for themselves for the blog, so don't be confused.  Trudy is Mahnara and Zack is Zarius.

Trevon is not involved with their blog but his blog is doing great.  Disney World Photo Blog  is a wonderful place to site to visit for gorgeous and artistic photographic art of Walt Disney World.

He has been very busy in Florida Virtual School, taking many courses not required for graduation, in addition to the required courses.  He has SO many interests, and FLVS allows him to explore them all.  He's now taking psychology, philosophy, journalism, in addition to his regular courses and website design courses.

I love watching all of the children learn and grow, and I love that Amy and I are able to be here with them always, to be here in their lives.  Life if so short, and we're so blessed to be able to spend so much family time together.♥

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