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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Disney Pin Sets ~ Hidden Mickey + Cast Lanyard Pins

Disney Pin Sets ~ Hidden Mickey and Cast Lanyard Pins

 Our family here on the Living Disney blog, has been Disney pin traders for years now, and we can't express the fun and magic it brings.  All you need to get started are some Official Disney Trading Pins, and you to can enjoy this special Tradition.

 There are tons of different types of Disney World Pins.  Some pins are made to be Disney Pin Sets.  When we first started pin trading, we had no idea what all of the different pins were, or what the symbols on the back of them meant.


 So, to get started, I suggest buying some cheap Disney pins on the internet.  Buying them from Disneyworld can get really expensive.  Unless you specifically want some of the special edition pins they make for events or a holiday at Disney.

Click this picture to buy Cheap Disney Pins for sale.

 When you buy pins for sale on eBay, you will get grab bag Disney pins, regular or hidden mickey pins.  These are common pins that are just for trading at Disny and not for keeping in your collection.

 Remember that Disney World pin trading is for fun.  So try not to worry about trading your pins off.  You can find so many nice pins on Disney pins lanyards and pin boards at Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

 OK, so the most common, and usually the most popular pins are the Disney pin sets, or the Disney Hidden Mickey Pin Collections.

 Hidden Mickey pins were originally called a Cast Lanyard Disney pin.  These are pins that the Cast Members who work at Disney wear.  You can't buy them in the stores, and you can only trade for them on the lanyards and boards.

 The original Cast Lanyard Disney pins and the Hidden Mickey pins are always a part of a set.  On the back it will tell you the number of the pin, how many in the set, and if it is a hidden mickey or cast lanyard.  The Hidden Mickey pins will have a small Mickey Head on the front somewhere, but the older Cast Lanyard pins don't.

 If it says "2 of 5" on the back, then you have pin number 2 and their are 5 pins in the set.  Sometimes there are Completer Pins made which will say Completer on the back.  They just complete the set and are usually harder to find.

 They changed the name of the pins to Hidden Mickey because guests complained that it was hard to tell if a pin on the lanyard of a CM was a cast lanyard pin or not. 

 So that is when they added the small Hidden Mickey to the front, and also changed the name to Hidden Mickey.  You can also find hidden mickey icons on rides and attractions at Disney.

 Some people love the "Hunt" and try to find and collect the whole set.  Disney Hidden Mickey Pin Collections are hard to get because some of the pins are older and you don't see them on lanyards.

 Many people who want to finish a set end up buying the pin or pins they are missing on eBay.  If you can't find it on your Disney World Vacations, chances are you can find it on the internet for sale.

 Hidden Mickey and Cast Lanyard pins are relatively inexpensive and easy to find.  Some of the older ones may be harder to locate and may cost a little more to buy.

 Every year Disney will come out with a new Batch of Hidden Mickey pins.  Usually different ones for Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

  Walt Disney World Resort usually puts out around 60 different new HM (hidden mickey) pins each year, and Disneyland a little less than that.

 For the last few years they have released about 6 sets of 5 pins each set in the end of Jan. early Feb.  Then a few months after that wave they release another 5 or 6 sets of 5 pins per set.

 It is very fun looking for these elusive pins.  It is even more fun when you finally find the one you need to complete your Disney Pin Sets.

This sums up today's information on Disney pin sets, Disney Hidden Mickey pin collections, and Disney Cast Lanyard pins.

We hope this information is helpful to you and your family.  Please have fun with your pin trading and collecting!

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