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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Disney Polynesian Resort Club Level Concierge Lounge Photos

We stayed the weekend at the Disney Polynesian, in the Concierge Level.  

It was incredible as always, and it's still our favorite Club Level choice, (Disney Animal Kingdom Lodge is a close second) out of all of the Walt Disney World Resorts.

I'm going sharing our experiences, knowledge, photographs, and videos here on my Disney blog.

This post is dedicated to photographs of the concierge level lounge☺.  I will be posting food pictures and a video soon.

It's such a beautiful lounge, with one of a kind views of Bay Lake, Disney Grand Floridian Resort, and Disney Magic Kingdom.


You can't beat the views from the lobby.  I could just sit there for hours and enjoy it!

A great view of Disney Contemporary Resort from the lobby windows!

The food serving and drinks area of the lounge

Mahnara and Zarius playing their DSi and resting after an early morning in the park!

A view of Disney Grand Floridian at sunset from the lobby of the club level

A view of Cinderella's Castle in the Magic Kingdom from the lobby of the concierge level

One of my favorite things about the view ~ the boats running to and from the resort

Zarius having his favorite club level snack.  Yogurt covered pretzels, goldfish and plenty of chocolate milk!

Mahnara having her favorite concierge level snack!  Chocolate milk and white cheddar popcorn!

Trevon relaxing after a long and hot afternoon in the Animal Kingdom!

Upper level of the lounge.  Located on floor 3.  It has a TV, a couple of tables, and a bathroom.  It's usually nice and quiet up there.

View of the lobby in between food serving times.

Stay tuned for the next installment about the Poly club level!  I'll be posting a page full of food photographs soon!

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It looks like the menu changes daily so you would not get bored, true? Are sodas and wine included or is that another charge? Are your rooms in the same longhouse with this or do you need to go outside from your room? Is it crowded? Sorry so many questions - it looks incredible!

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