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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Figment Nail Art Polish Design for your trip! *VIDEO*

Figment's Sweater Nail Art

One thing I hear a lot is discussion of Disney nail designs.  

Okay, so you're going to Disney World or Disneyland and you want to polish your nails in a fun and festive way ... but how?

Well, you may or may not know that I used to be a nail technician, and that I loved polishing nails and designing and creating nail art!

With the questions I've received about Disney nail art, and my past love and experience for nail art I decided to add a new category to my Disney blog, and to my YouTube page! ☺
It will feature Nail Art design tutorials of beautiful, easy, fun, and unique Disney themed polish ides, and regular, non Disney designs too!

I'm very excited about this, and I know you're going to love trying them out on yourself, and your children!

Please check out YouTube for my nail art tutorials and how-to's, and look for each new design here as I add them.

You can also find the videos by clicking on the "Photography and Videos" tab at the top of any page, OR by clicking HERE.

I would LOVE to hear your ideas about designs.  If you want you can leave a comment below and tell me your Disney, or other idea, and if I create a design based off of your idea, I'll give you a shout out here on my blog, and ON my actual YouTube nail art tutorial video!

Speaking of video ... here's my first one!  It features a theme from one of our favorite characters at Walt Disney World.  FIGMENT!

It's Figment's Sweater, and I think it's totally awesome!

Have fun and enjoy☺

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