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Sunday, July 8, 2012

About Our Family; Post #3 - California Cryobank

More About Our One of A Kind Disney Family!

This Time We Will Share Our Story About The California Cryobank.

This post is about us!  It's filled with more information about our unusual family, and is a continuation of where we left off HERE.

This post contains details about Artificial Insemination and might be offensive to some people.

Our goal is to hopefully help so many of the women out there with questions and fears about this wonderful topic, and not to offend.




So our Doctor has recommended to us the California Cryobank as one of the most reputable sperm banks to use.

 My sister Amy is great at researching so she found out everything imaginable about sperm banks, self insemination, the cost involved, and how they screen for diseases, which was a big concern for us.

 This was all new to us, and it took a while to work all of these new ideas into our life.  But as always we did.  We are very good at adapting and aren't scared to take the leap of life and try new and sometimes drastic things.


•  Here is what we learned;  California Cryobank was indeed reputable.  

•  They only accept donations from young men who were height and weight appropriate.  They went through family health records and looked for any genetic diseases up to 100 years back, and all donors were from University of California Berkeley and UCLA.  

•  They also screened the "deposit" for over 9 months before letting it become available to the public, and test the donor again each time he donates.

Elizabeth, Zarius, and Mahnara

Well it sounded good to us.  Now the price and what to do with it once we ordered it.  

To have the doctor perform artificial insemination it would cost between $300.00-$500.00 not including additional charges for ultrasounds (can be up to $300.00 each) etc.

The success rate is between 10-15 percent for ICI, which means anywhere from 5-15 treatments may be necessary before success.


This didn't phase us though because we new we had to try.  From the very start we wanted to try it our selves at home.  

We talked to our doctor about ordering it directly from the Cryobank, and he approved, and signed the necessary forms of release so we could get the sperm delivered right to your door.

They don't allow people to do this anymore.  

These days you have to either go to the clinic, or to the doctors, but back then in 2002 you could order it with your doctors permission and try your luck yourself at home.  

This was referred to as IVI or intravaginal insemination.

Zarius and Mahnara

There are many women who have no partner, but would like a child, and many couples who also need help for various reasons.

 I hope that everyone can follow their dreams and not let fear of the unknown hold them back.
The California Cryobank sent the "deposit" frozen, in a tank filled with liquid nitrogen.  The cost totaled just under $700.00 for 2 vials (they suggest trying twice in a row) delivered to our home.


The deposit will last frozen for 7 days, so you have a small window of time to best judge your fertile day or days.  After the tank is opened you have 24 hours to use it.

"I went with what my body told me and I believed in myself.  I will never forget the day the tank arrived at our door.  To know that I might have just signed for my future child was beyond words".

This was of course the scariest part for me.  For months I would keep track of my cycle and I became very good at predicting and knowing when I was ovulating.  But to pre-order this special package on an assumption of the week you will need it was pure pressure.


To be continued... ARGH! You got me, can't wait to read the next chapter! ;)

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