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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Art of Animation Resort ~ Walt Disney Resorts

Art of Animation

Video of Art of Animation Pictures

Art of Animation Resort ~ Walt Disney Resorts

 From the moment you pull into this Brand New Disney World Resort, you come alive with excitement.  Everything is Bright and Big, and makes you want to see more.

 Disney's Art of Animation Resort is based on 4 Disney Movies; The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Finding Nemo, and Cars.  Every room is Themed to give your family special fun and memories and Disney Magic.

 This is one of our new favorite Walt Disney Resorts for exploring here on the Living Disney blog.

 You don't have to be a guest at The Art of Animation Resort to enjoy it.  Feel free to visit and enjoy anytime during your Disney World Vacation.


 The Art of Animation resort also offers a 1.38 mile walking trail with picturesque scenery of not only the Art of Animation but also the Pop Century Resort too.

-->  There are 4 Separate Large Buildings that are individually themed. The first to open was the Finding Nemo rooms.  The Finding Nemo Area also houses the main Themed pool, The Big Blue, which is the largest at Disney World (besides the Disney Water Parks).

Disney Art of Animation Resort Opening Dates
  •  Phase 1 ~ May 31, 2012              Finding Nemo area
  •  Phase 2 ~ June 18, 2012              Cars area
  •  Phase 3 ~ August 10, 2012          The Lion King area 
  •  phase 4 ~ September 15, 2012     Little Mermaid area 

 When you walk into the lobby, you find yourself stopping and taking a minute to look around and appreciate the beauty.  It us a very unique design with never been done before features.

 On the right lobby wall of the Art of Animation you can find the concept art for the 4 Disney Movies.  The art starts out first with the pencil sketch concept forms, and ends up in the colorful characters we know today.

 On the left side of the Lobby before the Check in Counter is a unique interactive Sketch Artist room that has a Disney Artist demonstrating how to draw Disney Movie Characters just like Disney's Hollywood Studios Animation Academy.  

 They supply paper and pencils and project what they are drawing on a wall screen so you can learn how to draw them too!  This is a complimentary activity for guests and visitors alike!

Animation Drawing Area

 We loved the wall behind the check in desk and the Artistic Chandelier in the main lobby, filled with more artwork.  On the right, before you leave through the back doors, is a awesome arcade called Pixel Play Arcade and restrooms.

Check Out/In Area

Art of Animation Lobby Chandelier

 Off of the lobby is a nice gift shop with a colorful Art Theme called The Ink and Paint Shop.  You have to Walk through the gift shop to enter the food court.

Disney Art of Animation Gift Shop

 The food court is called the Landscape Of Flavor Food Court.  It is one of our favorite food courts at Disney World.  Not only does it have a great variety to choose from, it has beautiful details and neat interaction with the Cast Members at this Walt Disney Resort.

 The seating areas in the food court are Themed after the 4 Disney Movies, just like the Walt Disney Resort itself.  When you first walk in you will find the Lion King seating area with Beautiful Art Work and Savannah ceiling light.

Disney Art of Animation Lion King Food Court Seating

On the right is the Cars Radiator Springs eating area, then the Finding Nemo eating area, and in the back is the Little Mermaid eating area.  Each seating area has Art Work and Themed Ceiling Light.

The Entire Wall is a Large Window with a great view of the Themed Big Blue Pool area.  The Food Court itself is very well done too.  It has a great selection of areas that include a variety of foods to please the whole family.

In each area they offer the Kids Choice Meals for children age 9 and under.  

 There is a Soups-Salads-and Sandwiches area, a World Flavors Hot Cooked Meats and Fish area, They also have Pizzas, Meatball Sandwich and Create Your Own Pasta with Fresh Ingredients in the Italian area, Our family's favorite is the Burger Area with Angus, Veggie, Chicken, or Crab Cake Burgers and fries.

Art of Animation Food Court

  To top all of these delicious foods off they offer Gelato and Create Your Own Smoothies as well as a large Grab and Go area with Baked Goods, Cold Drinks, Alcoholic Beverages, Chips, Candy, and More.


What my children love the most is the Cast Member Interaction.  When we first arrived the cast members were all singing and dancing with some children there and they told us a fun secret.

If you stand in the middle of the Food Court area and say "Shark Bait" out loud, All of the Cast Members working there will always respond with "Hoo Ha Ha".   
The Big Blue, the Main Pool at Art of Animation
 As you walk out the back doors you come upon The Big Blue.  This huge (11,859 square feet), colorful, and fun pool is a must see.  Plus meet 3 Larger than Life Icons of Mr. Ray, Crush, and Marlin and Nemo!

Super Huge Mr. Ray Icon at Finding Nemo Art of Animation Resort

 It also has The Drop Off, a poolside bar, The Schoolyard, which is a water play area in the back of the pool for children, and Squirt's Righteous Reef Playground, which is a Nemo Themed Playground also located behind the pool.

 From here you can go either left or right depending on which part of the resort you want to see first.  The Lion King and The Little Mermaid is to the left, and Cars along with Radiator Springs and some more Finding Nemo, is located on the Right.

The Cars Area of Art of Animation Resort

 I personally suggest seeing it all, but if you are just visiting and are on a limited time, than I suggest the Finding Nemo and the Cars.  

 When visiting Radiator Springs you will be awed at the details and work put into this Walt Disney Resort.  

 The Cars section will also have a smaller pool (the Cozy Cone Pool) complete with Cozy Cone Motel Cabanas, and your favorite Cars Characters for great Disney Photos!  

 Meet Life Sized Tow Mater, Lightning McQueen, Sally, Luigi, Guido, Fillmore, and Sarge.

Cozy Cone Motel Cabanas at the Art of Animation Resort

Luigi and Guido from the Cars area of Art of Animation Resort
The Cars and Finding Nemo rooms are family suites that sleep up to 6 guests (7 if you have an infant in a crib) with 3 separate sleeping areas.  They also have inside corridors and no standard rooms.


The Walking/Jogging Trail takes you around back of these Walt Disney Resorts buildings along the Lake.  Many of the Rooms will have a lovely lake view.

 The Art of Animation Resort is connected with the Pop Century Resort by the Generations Bridge located directly behind The Big Blue Pool along the walking trail. 

The scenery is wonderful with great views of Disney Pop Century Resort and it's larger then life Icons.

Disney Pop Century Resort and the Generations Bridge
I truly enjoyed the variety of plants used in the landscaping.  With many of them making you feel like you're in the scene, especially in the Finding Nemo area.

When you reach the Lion King area, which is just to the Left of the Finding Nemo area, you get to see your favorite Lion King Characters such as Simba and Nala.

The Lion King rooms are family suite rooms that sleep up to 6 guests, with 3 separate sleeping areas.  They have inside corridors and no standard rooms.

They also have a Bone Yard Playground for your children to enjoy, but there is no pool in this themed wing.  

The Lion King under Construction
 For now you can't really explore the Lion King or the Little Mermaid areas because they are under construction, but when they are completed they will be just as wonderful as the rest of the resort.
The Little Mermaid area at Disney Art of Animation Resort
 The Little Mermaid rooms are Standard rooms that sleep up to 4 guests.  This is the only building that does not have suites and has outside corridors.  It is also the farthest away from the main building.

 The Little Mermaid area will have a small themed pool called Flippin' Fins, for your enjoyment.  It does have great lake views on one side of the building though, and it is nicely decorated inside and out.

Thanks for Exploring The Art of Animation Walt Disney Resorts with us!

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