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Friday, August 17, 2012

Booster Packs ~ Sorcerer of the Magic Kingdom Card Game

Well, Today was the Big Day!

We were so excited to finally get some (or at least one) of the "super rare spell cards # 61-70. 

So.... Yeah, nothing.  We went to the Disney Magic Kingdom, made a special trip just so we could show all of our friends here, and they were sold out!

I am very disappointed in Disney for numerous reasons.  First, Disney knew that lot's of people would want to buy these packs and have waited a long time, Months.  But they obviously only put out a limited amount of packs today.

It can't be hard to make enough paper cards to supply the masses. They aren't Limited Edition so there should be know reason to sell out within a few hours.

Second, What about the guest staying at the Walt Disney Resorts, here for a limited time, before they have to go back home?  I think it was bad planning (but on purpose) that Disney released the packs on the day that Everyone's Seasonal Pass kicks back in.

If they could have released the packs last week, it would have given the "guests" of Disneyworld the chance to purchase for their collection before returning home, before the locals a chance to buy all of the packs and list them on eBay for $50.00 to $100.00 each set.

It was a very disappointing day for my children and I am sure so many other Disney goers who were looking forward to getting their hands on at least one of these packs.

We will be checking back whenever we go to see when the stock more.  When they do we will buy one and open it and show you here.



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