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Friday, August 24, 2012

D Tech Me # 2 ~ Princess 3D Figurines

D Tech Me 3D Princess Figurine

D Tech Me # 2 ~ Princess 3D Figurines brought to by the Living Disney Blog.

We took this picture last night (8-23-2012) at Disney's World of Disney Store in the Downtown Disney Shopping District.

The D Tech Me had a soft opening of their new 3D imaging souvenir, which this time is a Disney Princess Figurine.


For those of you who don't know what the D Tech Me is, it is the highest resolution 3-D imaging camera in the world.  With this they can take 3 different pictures of your head all at once from 3 different angles. They then take the pictures and run them through their machine which places it on the figurine.


The first ever merchandise available at Disney using this breakthrough in technology was the Carbonite Freeze Me ~ Hon Solo figure at the Disney Star Wars Weekends. It sold for $99.99 and was an instant hit.

Now the Carbonite figure system is currently at Star Wars Celebration V, due to the overwhelming popularity of this awesome new Disney D Tech Me technology.

So, starting on 8-24-2012, and lasting only 90 Days, you can be a part of the new D Tech Me craze at Downtown Disney, World of Disney Store.

Tiana Princess small figure

Ariel Princess small figure
What I love about these princesses, is the fact that any child, no matter their skin color, can be any princess of their dreams.  My daughter only likes Tiana, and now she can be her!  See the pictures above to see Tiana and Ariel in the different skin tones.

Setting Up the D Tech Me Princess Area
The large figure is $99.99 and the small one is only $39.99 each.  It also comes with a free Bracelet.  It is for ages 3-12 (girls or boys:) and takes about 10 minutes to take the 3D pictures needed to make the figure.

Free Bracelet with Purchase

After that it will be about 3-5 weeks until you receive it in the mail.

There is a special phone in the Boutique section right next to the D Tech Me area that you can make reservations on.  I would suggest making reservations to make sure you get the chance to make this beautiful princess figurine.

This is a truly an Awesome Disney experience that you just can't miss out on.  It's a fun way to capture your little one forever and have a special keepsake to pass down to your child and grand-children.

For those of you who just aren't into princesses, don't worry, the D Tech Me will most assuredly have more implications of this wonderful technology in the future.

Note:  We have heard a lot of feedback from adults who are disappointed about the age restriction, who were wanting a princess figure made of themselves.

I have talked to the D Tech Me team about this and they have said that at this time, they are located in the Bibbidi Bobbiti Boutique area of the World of Disney, which specifically caters to children aged 3-12, and they felt that they are keeping to that children's boutique theme and age.

They are aware of us adults who would love to be made into a princess and our partners/husbands a prince.


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I'm a grown up and totally want one of myself! I wonder what would happen if you tried to get one done and you're over the age of 12? Hmmm.. :-)

Hi Jenn!

I feel the same way, but I'm guessing that the way they have the chair set up (see pic. above)it would be a height issue along with the adult head not blending well with the child princess body.

Maybe If we all let Disney know that we want an adult figure, they will make one for us too!


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