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Friday, August 3, 2012

Disney World Tips #1 Disney Resort Packages

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - Magic Kingdom

We would like to introduce a new series of posts all about Walt Disney World Tips.

Disney World Tips #1 Disney Resort Packages and pre-planning.

 This is the first thing that we used to do when planning a Disney World Vacation. Not only can you save lots of money with Disney resort packages, but you will get more done, and have a much better time, if you plan ahead.

 We strongly suggest using an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner to help you make the most of your vacation and to help with planning. 


Disney offers great deals for residents of Florida, you can also find free dining (this really helps out with the budget, and it's super fun).
You can also use pin codes, which are special discount codes that Disney sends to you. These codes are random, but to help your chances of getting one you can join Disney's mailing list (more than once if you can get your spouse to join).   

 When you think of a Disney vacation, you imagine yourself going to every Disney theme park, every parade, show, and firework, swimming in the pool, eating at the delicious restaurants, and enjoying Disney Sports and recreation.

Well it doesn't end up like that at all. We tried it one year and ended up needing a vacation from our vacation!  The fact is you can't do it all at once (unless you are fortunate enough in the financial department to take a month long trip, lol).

 So this is where the pre-planning comes in.  You have to pick the top choices of you and your children, and leave some for next time.  We will talk more about planning your Disneyworld vacation later in our Disney World Tips posts yet to come.

Florida Sunset

 So, where to go? Disney consists of Magic Kingdom, Epcot (which is like 2 parks in one), Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom. Also add 22+ fun Walt Disney Resorts, 2 Disney Water Parks, and Downtown Disney into the mix.

 Before randomly picking your favorite parks and rides, take into consideration a few things. What are you children's ages and heights (some rides are age and height restricted, but you can use the Parent Swap option). 
 What is the Disney World whether going to be like? In the summer months it is a scorching 90 degrees plus humidity. In the winter it is 60 degrees or colder.

 Will it be the rainy season? When it rains here in Florida, it really rains. We love the storms but they do come suddenly and hard. I personally like it when it rains at Disney, everyone runs, and if you are prepared with ponchos, you feel like you have the park to yourself.

 Do you want to come for a special event here at Walt Disney World Florida?  There are lots of fun events like; Food and Wine Festival, Flower and Garden Festival, Star Wars Weekends, A Disney Christmas, Halloween at Disney, and more.

 Take some time out to sit down and really think about what you want from your Disney World Vacation. I'm sure whatever you do, you'll have the most magical time of you life.


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