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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party 2012 - Opening Night 9/11

Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party 2012 at Disney Magic Kingdom.

If you've never been to Disney World Halloween Party then you should try to go one year. 

We just went last night to the very first Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party and had a blast.  Between picture taking, trick-or-treating, dancing, and riding on the rides, it was after 12:00 before we knew it.

We were very excited to arrive and see the beautiful decorations.  We never get tired of this wonderful party.  When we got in the gates we got our wristbands and our candy bags just waiting to be filled.

I had to take a few minutes to grab some photos around Main Street.  So many opportunities with great topiaries, pumpkins, and back drops, who can resist?

Main Street Halloween Decorations

Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom was a fall paradise and looked so good, so did all of the people dressed up in awesome costumes.

View a slideshow of all of our pictures from last nights Halloween party including some fireworks below.

We rode lots of rides last night because there was literally no wait time to get on.  We rode: Space Mountain, the People Mover (TTA), Astro Orbitor, Buzz Lightyear Spaceranger Spin, Tomorrowland Speedway, Dumbo, Barnstormer, Haunted Mansion, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.


We went through the Trick-or-Treat lines plenty of times, enough that Mahnara and Zarius had to go into the gift shop and get a medium size bag to put all of it in.

Trevon ate his as he went so didn't end up with as much at the end of the night.

When we were done riding Barnstormer we stopped by Casey Jr. water play park in the Storybook Circus area for more photos, when we had just finished up there, the fireworks started.

The specialty fireworks show for Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party night is Hallow-Wishes and it is the best EVER!

Hallow-Wishes Fireworks

I have never viewed it from this spot but I think I will from now on.  The bursts were just popping out at us we felt so close.  With Hallow-Wishes they set the fireworks off all around the park in a circle, not just behind the castle.

We were surrounded by the most beautiful fireworks and we were just awed like it was our first time watching them.  If your at Disneyworld around a Disney World Halloween party time but not going, go to Disney Contemporary and park in the parking lot closest to the street across from the Magic Kingdom.

The viewing of the fireworks is wonderful from here and easy to get to. 

Of course we couldn't miss out on the Boo-to-You Halloween Parade.  Our favorite part of this is about 5 min. before it starts the Headless Horseman rides on a real horse down the road holding his head.

All night and days after the party we sing the parade song Boo-to-You.  It is so addictive and fun, just like the special night is.

There is no limit to how many times you can go through the candy lines, and you should check out the dance parties.  We didn't have time this year but next time we will.

I don't think they have face painting any more which was a disappointment but OK.  We usually plan ahead with something fun even if it's simple.

We were excited and disappointed about the light decorations this year.  We didn't see the floating ghosts and mickey heads on Main Street like previous years, but we loved the huge skull on the side of Thunder Mountain which was totally new.

Haunted Mansion at Disney Halloween Party

It is a party tradition to ride the Haunted Mansion as close to Midnight as we can and we had super fun with this ride this year.

For starters, the Mansion is lit in spooky colors with lots of fog rolling around and a ghost character out front.  You won't find it like this on regular days and we love it!

When we were about to enter we encountered a special character who is normally not there on this attraction.

He was a creepy "dead" man in great character who was very entertaining.  Lots of people were screaming and having fun because he would sneak around in the near darkness and startle you.

He even rode with some poor girl on the ride.  He jumped on with her at the last moment and she screamed in fright.  I bet that was an interesting ride for her, LOL.

I can't go on enough about the fun times to be had at Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party.

It feels like you have the park to yourselves to goof around, eat candy, and enjoy all of the Spooky fun.

Oh and don't forget to grab your special Halloween Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Card made only for this event.  One per person with event ticket but super cute and a great edition to your collection.

See a picture of it here with some more info on the special card.

Also pick up some of the special event trading pins, they are very nice this year.  I especially love, and had to buy, the Pumpkin LE pass-holder pin and the Hitchhiking Ghost LE pin.

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