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Thursday, November 15, 2012

A Disney World Christmas

A Disney World Christmas will take your breath away.  You stand in front of Cinderella's Castle, with your mouth hanging open, saying "Wow, it is so gorgeous!"

If you've never been to Walt Disney World Resort for the Holidays, it is a wonderful time to go.

If you want to see more pictures of Disney for the Christmas Holidays, watch our video below.


 A Walt Disney Holiday is a busy time, with lots of people visiting the parks, but it is also a special time.  As if there wasn't enough magic already, Christmas at Disney is even more magical.

 There are lots of decorations adorning the buildings and streets, special parades, and special events like Epcots Storytellers from Around the World and the Candlelight Processional, also our favorite ~ The Osbourn Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights and the Main Event at the Magic Kingdom, the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party.


A Walt Disney World Christmas is a great time of year to enjoy the not so hot or rainy weather. It might be chilly or even cold but I prefer that to 100 degrees and humid.

It makes it a great time to show off your Disney World Winter Coats and Hats:) You can even do your Disney Christmas Shopping while enjoying the Christmas Music and Disney cheer.

Over 200,00 white lights adorn Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom and it takes around 6 weeks to put them up with the use of a giant crane and lots of hard work.

Even though there is 18 miles of cables used, it doesn't take much electricity to run.  When you stand there and look at all of the lights, you would think it costs a fortune, or uses tons of power.

It actually only uses enough energy that it would take to power three clothes dryers, figure that one out. I guess the LED lights are a wonderful thing.

Disney has also said that they use over 40,000 square feet of fisherman's netting and just so you don't notice it, they dye it exact colors to match the castle parts that it is on.  


 Is a Disney World Christmas not in your plans this year, but you would love to get some of the Holiday Merchandise?

Don't miss out on all of the wonderful items, you can even have Gift Bags Delivered to your Resorts!

We hope you enjoy your Holidays where ever you are, and have a magical time!



This post awesome!Thank you so much for sharing.

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This is amazing.. Disney is a true paradise.

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