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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Jacksonville Florida

Amy, Zarius, and Mahnara at the Treaty Oak

We went to Jacksonville Florida last month and had an enjoyable day.  It's only about a 3 hour drive from Orlando and it makes a great day or weekend trip!

Saint Augustine Florida

We actually went to Saint Augustine for Trevon's 17th birthday and had a few issues at the hotel there and ended up moving to JAX NAS (Jacksonville Naval Air Station).  My dad is retired Air Force so we stayed on base with my mom, it was very nice.

Zarius in his Navy uniform

We did a lot of shopping on base and the kids got Navy outfits.  Trevon plans on joining the Navy next year when he turns 18 and go to MIT.

One of my favorite places in Jacksonville is the Treaty Oak.

Treaty Oak
Treaty Oak is in Downtown Jacksonville and is over two centuries old!

Treaty Oak

This amazing tree is 25 feet around, and 70 feet tall!!  It's a gorgeous, beautiful, old, and huge tree that you must see if you're in Downtown Jacksonville!!

Treaty Oak trunk!
We spent a day in Jacksonville, visiting churches to take photos, playing at a play park, and exploring the city.  It was a memorable and fun day that we all enjoyed. 

Mahnara and Zarius at the park

We found this neat little park with a great view of downtown Jacksonville.

A hazy view of downtown Jacksonville from the play park
The kids had a real treat when they were playing and all of a sudden music pierced the air ... it was an ice cream truck coming down the road!  You should have seen all the kids run towards the parking lot with their parents.  

Draw Bridge in Jacksonville

Jacksonville is a beautiful city, filled with lots of fun attractions, beaches, and sights to see.  If you have a chance to spend a day there, or even part of a day there don't pass it up! 



We lived here for 4 months, sure wish we could have stayed. We lived near Cecil Field.

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