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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Blueberry Picking fun!

Blueberry Picking fun!

Each Spring we look forward to picking fresh and delicious Blueberries here in Central Florida.

Our favorite place to pick blueberries is Shady Oak Fruit Farm in Lakeland.  They have pesticide free blueberries that you can pick yourself!  

It's very affordable, and great family fun!

They are always very friendly and nice, encouraging you to get a "blue tongue", or eat as you pick!

They are affordable too, selling the blueberries for the going wholesale rate.

When you get there you just grab a bucket, then head out to the Blueberry fields.

Blueberries are sold by the pound.  You pay for what you pick.  This year there was a blueberry shortage, and this particular farm was about 1/3 short of their normal yield.

The price this Spring was $4.00 a pound.  A super great deal for fresh juicy and plump sweet blueberries!!

I'm telling you, you haven't had blueberries until you've picked them yourself.  They are so delicious!!

The blueberry season starts in early April and runs through Memorial Day.

It's hot work, so make sure to bring plenty of water and a sun hat.  Also make sure to lather up with plenty of sunscreen!!  

I can't wait until next April when we can head back to Lakeland for more Florida U Pick blueberries.

There are so many great U Pick farms in Central Florida, and it's a great day trip away from the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

I highly recommend giving fresh fruit picking a try if you are coming to the Orlando area, or on a Disney vacation.

There is a very helpful website called that lists farms by county, and by their offerings.  It's updated often, and is a great source of information.



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