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Monday, July 22, 2013

Dinner at Disney Art of Animation

Dinner at Disney Art of Animation

We love exploring Disney value resorts, and AOA, the Art of Animation Resort, is one of our favorites.  It's a really fun place with lots to see and do.

We really love their pizza, and we usually go there, or Port Orleans when we're in the mood for pizza for lunch or dinner.

I kept noticing the Surf and Surf burger on the menu board at Landscapes of Flavor every time I was there and as I would pass it, and I kept saying "That sure looks good", and "I need to try that one day" so I finally did!

We went for Dinner in the food court at the Disney Art of Animation and I got the Surf and Surf sandwich, and Amy got the Caprese sandwich.

The kids stuck with a sure hit and got the individual cheese pizzas.

Here is my Surf and Surf burger:

Surf and Surf Burger $10.29
Comes with fries or coleslaw

Now I'm going to be honest with you, as I always am, because I want to give you real information, and real opinions and reviews.

It looks yummy right?   Crab Cake and fried popcorn shrimp ... sounds wonderful doesn't it?  To me it did!  I really like crab cakes and I love shrimp.  I really expected to enjoy my sandwich.

Well, I DID NOT like it!  lol

I would not recommend this sandwich, sorry.  The crabcake didn't taste good.  It was very bland and at the same time the crab had a really, really strong seafood taste.  It just tasted bad.  It was not a good crabcake at all.


The fried shrimp were tough, and the sauce, a cajun reoulade, was terrible.  It tasted very bad.  I couldn't eat more than a bite, and that was hard.

I let Amy try it of course, and Trevon, and none of them wanted it, and they both love seafood.  The little ones didn't try it, they don't like seafood.

Have you tried the Surf and Surf sandwich?  Did you like it?  Leave and comment and add to this review!

Sorry, I'd like to say that all the quick service food in Disneyworld is good, but I can't.  I've eaten at every park and every resort and there's some really good Disney food, and there's some really bad food to be found in the Disney restaurants.


Now onto the Caprese sandwich that Amy ate:

Caprese Sandwich $8.99
Comes with house-made chips
This sandwich features fresh mozzarella, vine ripe tomatoes, basil, and balsamic dressing.  It came with house-made chips and ...

It was good!

Amy really enjoyed it, and Mahnara did too.  It wasn't the best Caprese she's had, the balsamic dressing was a bit strong and over powering, but it was a good veggie option.

The chips were good too.  Very crunchy.

I hope this review has helped you with your Disney family vacation planning, and I've love to hear your comments about the items we discussed here, or anything else you'd like to talk about.

Thanks for reading our Disney blog, we love Living Disney and sharing our experiences with others!




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