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Friday, July 19, 2013

New! Disney Value Resorts Coffee

New!  Disney Value Resorts Coffee

I am really enjoying the new coffee in the food courts of two of my favorite value resorts.  

A couple of months ago Disney Pop Century Resort, and Disney Art of Animation changed their coffee over from Nestle to Joffrey's!!

As a former Barista in a heath food store I've become used to good coffee.  I just love shade grown, fair trade organic beans roasted to perfection with care and attention.

If I can't have good coffee, I don't have coffee at all.  I drink it to enjoy the taste and flavor of the beans and the roasting.

Until Joffrey's came to the resorts I would go without coffee while out and about exploring and pin trading in resorts in Disney World.

Joffrey's coffee is actually quite good, a very pleasant change to Nestle, and definitely not your average Disney food service cup.  I prefer the taste of the decaf to the regular, but my son prefers the taste of the regular coffee.

If you're staying on site you can purchase a reusable resort mug good for free refills throughout your Disney Vacation.

If you're just visiting, like me, you can purchase the coffee by the cup, and yes, it comes with free refills.

Now that Starbucks  has come to Disneyworld (Disneys Magic Kingdom), I can also get yummy coffee drinks in the parks.  I am not a fan of Starbucks coffee, to me it strongly resembles the smell of cigarette ashes, but I do enjoy a good Iced Mocha Latte occasionally.

Disney Value Resorts Coffee is changing for the better!  Thank you Disney!!


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