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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Siesta Beach Sarasota Florida

Siesta Beach Sarasota Florida

#1 Beach in the USA ... it's a day trip from Walt Disney Parks and Resorts!!

Are you planning a Disney vacation and you want to add a beach day into your schedule?  I highly recommend the Sarasota beaches, and Siesta Beach in particular!

Siesta Beach
Sarasota Florida

Most visitors to Central Florida choose to visit the East Coast beaches; Daytona Beach, and Cocoa Beach, because they are closer to Disneyworld than the West Coast Beaches.

As a local I can tell you that all beaches are not created equal, and although you can spend an hour driving to an East Coach beach I highly recommend taking the extra time and driving two hours to a Gulf Coast Beach.

Beaches on the Gulf Coast are more gentle and serene, and offer a better experience in my opinion.


Siesta Beach for example is one of our favorites for just spending the day swimming and relaxing on the sands.

Siesta Beach features white sand, which is actually very fine, and is mostly made up of white quartz!  Because it is quartz it doesn't heat up like regular sand does, and it stays nice and cool on your feet and your body.

The beach is very wide leaving lots of room for beach chairs, umbrellas, and space for you to play and picnic.

There are restroom facilities, beach chair and wheelchair rentals available during the day also.

If you're looking for a tropical island feel beach, and you want calm and clear waters for you and your family to enjoy, without having to worry about big and rough waves give this beach a try.

It's only a two hour drive from Disney on the highway, and about 120 miles.

It's a super day trip and well worth the drive.  

You can visit one of the most beautiful beaches in the USA on your next Disney World Orlando trip! 

Make sure to bring your camera!  It's a great place to catch the sunset, and the beach photo opportunities are great!

We visit this beach year 'round, and particularly enjoy it in the summer when the water temperature is warm and pleasant.  

Even on the summer weekends there is plenty of parking and beach space to go around.  

Head on down and you'll be glad you did!

Before leaving Sarasota I suggest having dinner at one of the wonderful Amish restaurants on Bahia Vista Street!  

Yoders and Der Dutchman are our favorites!  Yoders was featured on the Travel Channel and has THE best pies!

Der Dutchman features an all you can eat buffet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Our favorite is the dinner buffet, where you can enjoy made from scratch, natural and delicious country cooking like no other.

Thanks for visiting, where we share with you the experiences of living our Disney dreams!


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