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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

About My Living Disney Family; Post #4

About My Living Disney Family; Post #4

Our Disney Kids
My Name is Elizabeth, and my sister is Amy. We have 3 children that we co-raise together; Trevon, Zarius, and Mahnara.

Read the last post about the Cryobank if you want to catch up real quick before moving on in this story about our life as a Disney family of 5, and how we had the children we wanted on our own.

♦ ♦  This post might contain information that is offensive to some people, like Artificial Insemination, Cryobanks, and births. We only want to help people, not offend.  ♦ ♦

We did it!   We got what we wanted, we followed our dreams.  Always together we are the strongest.

I will never forget the day the man knocked on our door delivering the huge, silver, heavy tank of liquid nitrogen, and two tiny vials of sperm from California Cryobank.


I thought my heart would stop. We stared at the tank for most of that day. It was weird you know, but we felt good about it, we were doing the right thing.

"Thank you so much! to my Mother who blessed me with so many talents, including my Favorite one, the ability to use my feelings and listen to them."

We actually had the tank for a few days, always waiting for the feeling to come, that it was the right time to open it, it was nerve wracking wondering "What if I am wrong? How will I know".

One morning I woke up (me, Elizabeth) to go to work (I was a Nanny for a sweet little girl) and I knew I wasn't going to work that day after all.  I knew that that day was THE day ;)

I felt that it was time, that I was ovulating.  They have kits for these things, to help with conceiving, but we didn't use any.  We listened to our bodies, and our feelings, we followed the signs that our doctors explained to us.


So I woke Amy up and told her that I was going to inseminate myself that very day, woo hoo!
Amy got up and got ready, she was very excited and nervous, she was questioning how I knew, and what if I was wrong.  We only had one chance! 

About an hour later she informed me that she thought she might be ovulating too. I thought she was joking at first, but it turned out she was serious. We already planned on sharing, but it would be awesome if we were both ovulating!

We called our mom and prepared for the Big Evening Event lol. Of course we already had almost everything ready.

• We had to thaw it in a pan of water, it had to be just the right temperature for the sperm to stay alive.
• Because of the Liquid Nitrogen we had to use Thick Leather Gloves to handle the glass tube.
• It was a very small amount of liquid, like so little every drop counted.
• No we didn't use a turkey baster, we used something called "The Keeper". It is supposed to be for menstrual cycles. Look it up if your curious.  It was my doctor's suggestion, and a great one.  Thank you doc!!!!!!!!

I think it was very ingenious of us to use the Keeper, it worked very well to keep the sperm where it should be for a full 24 hours.  If you want more detailed info to help you conceive please email me at, I'd love to help by sharing my story.

So both me and my sister shared the small amount of sperm, we split it up and prayed that it would work if it were meant to be (which it sure felt like it was!!).


One thing we also did was turn upside down with our legs up on the couch to let gravity help. (Again, doc's suggestion).

We watched "Shrek 2" that night, I can't put into words the feelings that I had those long hours until we went to bed. It was so magical, to think that there was a chance that I could actually have a child, that I could be creating one right that minute!!  A little brother or sister for Trevon, the baby I had been dreaming about (literally), for 4 years!!!

I could feel that same feeling as in my dreams, of a baby nursing on my breast, loving and needing me with every breath it took, forever.

So what happened? Please, if you would like to hear more of this story of our Living Disney family and how it all started, check back here.

To Be Continued....

Thanks so much!


Always a pleasure to read about your family. Eager to know more! ;)

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