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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Disney World Annual Pass Monthly Payments

Disney World Annual Pass Monthly Payments

Well, it's that time of the year again ... time to renew our Disneyworld APs!!  October 2nd is the date our APs expire, so that means that we can renew starting September 2nd.  

Did you know that you have 30 before and after your pass expires to renew, and by renewing you save money, and avoid having to put down a deposit on your annual passes?

After our first year here in Florida we let our APs lapse by a month (after the 30 day grace period), and had to pay the down payments again.

I am going to go ahead and renew on the 2nd so that it's taken care of, and we don't miss our renewal date.

The past four years we've tried many ticket options.  Mostly Trevon got the Annual Pass, and we got the Seasonal Pass.  Last year we got Trevon the Premium Annual Pass, and we kept the Season Passes.

This year we're actually upgrading to all Premium Annual Passes, and Trevon isn't getting one because he gets into the Disney parks and water parks for free because he works at AMC Downtown Disney.

Ever since Disney started offering the monthly payments for Florida residents we have been taking advantage of it. I love monthly payments!!!!

I think it's awesome that I can pay for my Disney passes each month.  It's a very affordable option for families and individuals.


Before Disney's payment plan, we had the SeaWorld Orlando monthly payment plan, with Busch Gardens Tampa, and Aquatica added on.  

If you're getting a pass for the first time, or you've let your AP lapse and you want to get it again, then you will be required to pay a down payment.

Currently (Sept. 2013), the down payment on all passes is $102.00,  regardless of whether you're an adult or a child, or whether you're getting the basic annual parks pass, or the most expensive pass.

After you pay the $102.00 a person down payment the rest of your ticket price(s) will be divided into 12 payments, which you pay once a month for the reset of the year.

For example, the Seasonal Pass (which we usually have), is $329.09.  You pay a down payment of $102.00, then $18.92 a month for the next twelve months.  That would be the same for each person in your family, unless they are under age 3.

Children 3+ up pay the regular AP price, children under three are free. ºOº

The Disney World Seasonal Annual Pass is great because it's more affordable than the premium pass, and the only thing you don't get is parking.  There are black out dates though, which are days that you can't go into the parks.  This is Christmas,  Spring Break, and Summer.  

We personally don't care to visit the parks during high crowd levels, and high heat, so we are just fine with not going during those times, so the tickets worked great for us.

We don't like to pay for parking though.  Disney Theme park parking is $15.00 a car, a day, so it only makes sense to have one person in your family get the Annual Pass, which includes unlimited free Disney parking.

The Annual Pass is $494.16, and after your down payment your monthly payment is $32.68.  This pass gets you unlimited FREE parking in the Walt Disney parks and resorts, and access to all four Disney theme parks 365 days a year.

I'm super excited that after four years of being a Disney World Annual Passholder I'm upgrading to the Premium Annual Pass next week.

It's $621.96, and after the down payment, the monthly payment is $43.33.  Only $10.65 a month more than the annual pass, and it gives you access to all four parks with no black out days, free parking in the theme park parking lots, AND 365 days a year access to both Disney water parks (Typhoon Lagoon, and Blizzard Beach), along with Disney Quest!!!  I think it's a great deal, especially when I get to pay for it monthly, along with my other bills! 

All of the Annual Pass options come with a great discount on Disney merchandise.  Just show your AP and save 10% on most of your Disney gift shop purchases!

Premium Annual Passholders used to get a 20% discount, but earlier this year it changed to 10%, which is still a nice little perk.  

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What an amazing deal!!!!! Even better with the monthly payments

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