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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Party Ideas

It may not feel like Halloween to others, but for us living next to Disney we're getting Halloween fever big time!!

Halloween is my favorite time of the year, besides Christmas.  We all love Halloween in our family, and we love to decorate our house and yard for the holiday.

Disney Halloween merchandise is already in the stores in Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, and it's planning time!!

We always have a Halloween party, (and a Christmas party, and a Valentines Day party, and Easter Party ...) what can I say ... we like parties!!

And seeing all the neat Halloween stuff has just inspired me to start the planning.  Time flies you know, and the holiday will be here before we know it!!


Do you have Halloween parties, or are planning a Halloween party this year?  Leave your comments for me, sharing your ideas!!  I'd love to see photos too!  You can send photos of anything Halloween related to me via email (, and I'll share some of them here with others on Living Disney.

I really want to make a punch this year, using this idea.  I think it's creepy and fun at the same time, and that everyone would enjoy it.

I plan on getting gallons of organic apple juice from Whole Foods in Orlando, and carving and adding apples.  

The kids can help with the apple carving, which they'll really enjoy.  I have one of those deluxe pumpkin carving kits from last Halloween that I think would work perfectly.

I also want to make little party favors like the ones above.  I want to fill them with little candies that I bought from "Mitsukoshi", the department store that has a candy store in the Japan pavilion in Epcot World Showcase.

As for costumes we are going to dress up the same way we're dressed up for the last 2 years ...


The photo above is Mahnara,  the year before last as a zombie bride.  Believe it or not it was our first year EVER dressing as anything bloody, and Elizabeth's first try at Zombie makeup for Halloween.

She did GREAT!!!  She researched makeup and purchase professional special FX makeup.  She's always been good at doing makeup, and she didn't disappoint!!

It was so fun being zombies that year that we were zombies again last year, and we'll be zombies again this year.  We end up spending half of our trick or treat time in Celebration posing for photos with others, lol.

I am looking for Halloween craft ideas, and Disney Halloween crafts would be great!  If you have any, please comment or email me!

Stay tuned for my next Halloween post!  I will be showcasing Disney Halloween costumes, so if you have any, send them to me so I can share them here.



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