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Friday, August 23, 2013

Journal 8/23/13

Journal 8/23/13

We had fun at Disney last night.  We dropped Trevon off at AMC Downtown Disney, he had asked for the day off and purchased tickets to the Cornetto Trilogy that was playing from 5:30pm to 12:30am.

We went to Downtown Disney Marketplace to shop and take photos and videos for our websites.  I made quite a few nice videos that I'm excited about uploading to YouTube.  I call them Merchandise Spotlights.  They "spotlight" different items in the Disney gift shops.

Elizabeth experimented with Instagram, which we created an account for here on Living Disney, our pin page, and our shopper page.

If you want to follow us on Instagram for "Live" photos and videos of all the fun we're having here in Disneyworld our Instagram name for this blog is:  livingdisneydream

We love sharing photos and videos of the Walt Disney Parks and resorts with you, to help you get your fix of the magic.  I remember how it was!!


Our first visit to WDW was in Sept. 2003, we came for MNSSHP (which is only 18 days away by the way, and I'm SUPER excited!!!).  We were hooked after that, and have to come yearly for 2 weeks until we moved here in 2009.  Once a year just wasn't enough!!

I started talking about how we followed our Disney dream and moved to Disney World, you can read about it if you'd like.  I really encourage everyone to follow their dreams, no matter how far fetched they may seem.

Let's see ... the kids are on the lanai on chairs reading their kindles right now.  Zar is reading "Super Zombie Juice Megabomb", and it's apparently a good young adult book, lol.

Nara is reading "Wolves of the Beyond", which is also a very good book, and series.  It's by the author of "Guardians".

I'm thinking about hopping in the pool but it looks as if it may rain.  The kids are going to their grammie's house so I am thinking work!  I have a lot of Disney merchandise to sort and pack in the garage tonight, and a lot of messages to answer if I have time.  I get about 100 emails and facebook messages a day, which keeps me busy.

Tomorrow we're going to Disney all day.  I want to go to a park or two, and visit resorts, and Downtown Disney.  Trevon want's to go to a movie, and we may go to Universal City Walk tomorrow evening.

Of course I'll be taking videos and photos, and uploading Disney fun stuff to Instagram (well, Elizabeth will be doing that, it's her new toy), but please don't hold me to what I plan on doing, lol.  I am famous for over planning.  There just aren't enough hours in the day, and that seems magnified when you live next to Disney World and there's just always so much to do.  ºOº




Hi! I love your youtube channel and was wondering if you could make a video on how to make a homemade pin book with cork board inside and also if possible a couple videos on where pin books and boards are located around Disney? Thanks!

Hi Nathan!
I do have a video on that, but it was in the wrong location.
Visit our pin website at
to see the video :)
Thanks so much, we will make more videos on where pin books are located.

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