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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Journal 8/24/13

Today will be a very busy day for us at Disneyworld.

Our goals for today;

• Shop ~ We have lots of orders for the Disney Shopper, some are hard to locate items, so I hope we can find everything that we need.  Maybe we will find some cool new items like the Halloween Phone cases!

• Pin Trade ~ We have a lot of orders for Scrapper Free pins on our pin page, so we hope to find some Authentic pins today, the lanyards and pin boards have been stuffed full of Scrappers lately so wish us luck!

• Photos ~ I won't have much (if any) time for photos, at least not the kind I really want to take, but my trusty iPhone is always ready for a pic. I would like to try my Hipstamatic App and be creative, I can put some pics on Instagram.

The funny thing is, these are our same goals everyday LOL!

--> Just rearrange them and add in more, and there you have it, my day.

Oh, I can't forget the best part, being with my kids and having fun at Disney :)

We are in full swing preparing for the upcoming Disney Holidays, this year we would love to spend more time enjoying the parks and parades, so we are working twice as hard now.

We really want to have an Outlet Run, there are so many great deals on Disney Merchandise just waiting for us, but it is so so time consuming.

It would literally take us at least 3 weeks start to finish, and with the 13 Reflections of Evil pin event just around the corner, Halloween Merchandise shopping going on now, and the super anticipated Vera Release within sight, there is no way that we can do the outlet shopping for others.  :(

I am very happy that the hottest month is almost over, I can't tell you how much I miss my Autumn season.  It will be very humid in September though. 

Living in Florida, I relish any temp. drop, I love it when it finally gets a chill in the air, the humidity is gone, and I can cozy up in my fuzzy blankets with my little chihuahua and drink hot tea while remembering the snowy years of fun that we had in Asheville before we moved down here.

A huge relief this year was the "Rainy Season", last year the storms were so bad, I had panic every night. I would wake up thinking the roof of my house was about to rip off, or I would be like Dorothy and my whole house would just get sucked up into the air.

But this year it was very mild, lots of electrical storms and rain, but no tornado like winds everyday blowing my patio furniture into the pool lol. (Yes, that really happened)

So I have to be off to Disney now, everyone is patiently waiting for me so they can get their dose of  Disney magic for the day.

Keep up with us while we are at Walt Disney World, you can find us on Facebook and Instagram under different names, I will list them here for you :)

•Disney World Personal Shopper
•Disney Pins $1.15 + Up
•Daily Disney Photos


Thanks for reading along with our Disney Family of 5 as we try to make our dreams come true.




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