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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Journal Entry 8/31; An Accident at Disney

Hi!  Amy here!

It's the last day of August, Yay!!  I love September!  So many wonderful things happen for us in September.  Fall, my mom's birthday, Zar's birthday, Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, and the pin event at Epcot!  What a busy and fun month this will be for our family!!

We dropped Trevon off at work today and headed to Fort Wilderness to pick up a few items for our shopper orders, and take photos for our website, and for Nara to take photos of her LPS in different settings.

We had a great time there, but had a scary experience on the way.

We had just dropped Trevon off at work, and we were going through the intersection outside of Disneys Old Key West resort, right before Disneys Port Orleans French Quarter resort and were almost in a terrible accident!!

It was like a scene out of a bad movie, and I was stunned, and traumatized.  There were two men in neon vests working on the median near the stoplight, their car was pulled off on the median, and I was just driving, (I had just stopped at the red light, and the light turned green so I just started to go) and next thing I know a taxi van swerved and  hit the parked car, and one of the workers!!  He went over the hood of the van, and the van went over the median after hitting the car, and the man, then came into my lane and was right in front of me!! 

I thought we were going to be crashed into, head on!  The taxi was going so fast and was out of control!

I slammed on the brakes as soon as I saw the event happening, then when the taxi was in my lane I moved out of his way, luckily traffic was sparse and I was the only one on the road at the moment.

The taxi swerved away from my car, and went through the light (in my old lane), and jerked back over into his lane, looked back with a shocked, panicked look, and sped off.  He just left!!

I pulled up to the worker, who looked at me, and hopped into his car as fast as he could, looking very angry, and took off on a chase after the taxi.

I was just sitting there in the road, in shock.  I called 911 and reported the location of the accident.  It was right underneath the video camera, so hopefully they have it all for evidence.  I told Disney Security once we got to FW Campground, but he said it has nothing to do with them.  I thought if the man worked for Disney, and was injured they may want to contact me as I was the only witness.

Boy, I still can't believe that  happened, and I just thank God that we weren't hit, and that those men were okay!!  I sure hope no one else was hurt today by that crazy driver!

After that happened, we continued onto FW, then headed home.  We were going to spend the day in Disney, and catch a movie at AMC Downtown Disney, but after our experience we just wanted to go home, lol. 

I hate to talk about unhappy things at Disney, so on a lighter note I will share a photo of our special time at the campground today :)

Zar met a nice boy who was fishing near the Trading Post
It was such a sunny and beautiful day today, until it started to get stormy at around 6pm.  I snapped this shot from the parking lot of the Trading Post Disney gift shop.  




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