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Monday, August 26, 2013

Journal Entry; 8/26/13

Look at that :)  I love my journal!!   I can enjoy a beautiful view while I write and dream of standing right there again in a few days, sun shining and humidity in the air.

While today I have been at this computer ( :( HP sadly) since my family went out, early this morning, shopping at Disneyworld.

It is 11:32 pm right now, this is Elizabeth, and my thoughts right now are;

Disneyworld needs a "Disney Chiropractor" to make everyone feel better, especially me.


Have you ever been to the Chiropractor?  My dad say's it's a waste of money, but I know differently lol :0

When we first moved down here about 4 years ago, we were in a Car Accident.

It wasn't serious but very scary and we did have injuries to our necks and backs.

Living in such a big tourist area people literally drive around looking at the awesome things and not watching the road.

That is what happened to us.  He was foreign and he hit us hard from behind (on International Drive), without even seeing us or braking.

Anyways, we couldn't work or hardly turn our necks for a long time afterwards.. If it wasn't for chiropractic therapy I would be in way more pain than I am in now from typing all day and answering messages.  It it weren't for my chiropractor I wouldn't be turning my neck at all.

We started healing from the accident and started going to Disney more often to walk around. This was how we first really got addicted to pins and pin trading.

We would go to Downtown Disney all of the time.

Here is where I will share the link to my other website about pins, scrappers, information, hidden mickeys, etc. I love to take pictures and talk about pins so come see me there :)

I have to work more now, and eat a Chobani yogurt (yes, even though they use GMO's), and drink more water.

I had a really good day though, I talked with a lot of nice and excited people on my Sites while working, and I cuddled up with all 4 of my chihuahuas with warm fuzzy blankets and a "Blueberry Scone" Yankee Candle scenting the air.

My family (Amy, Trevon, Zarius, and Mahnara), ended their shopping day by watching a movie at AMC Downtown Disney, and will be home soon.

I am excited! And tired! And my brain is wide Awake!

Night Everyone,
Elizabeth ♥




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