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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Moving To Disney

Moving To Disney.  It's such an exciting thought right?  It was for us!
After dreaming it, we did it!  We packed our bags and moved from Asheville, NC to Disneyworld!
Read all about it on this page, just click the links below.

It All Started With A Dream; 1
It All Started With A Dream; 2
It All Started With a Dream; 3 

Flashback Post #1;  We Decided to Move to Walt Disney World!
Flashback Post #2;  When Are We Moving?
Flashback Post #3:  Do We Get a Pool?
Flashback Post #4;  Kissimmee, Davenport, Lake Mary?  Where To?!?
Flashback Post #5;  It's Official!  We're Moving in 4 Weeks!
Flashback Post #6;  So Much to Do, So Little Time!
FlashBack Post #7; We Found a House and we Love It! Is it the right one?

Flashback Post #14;  Tomorrow is our Last Day in Asheville!

Integra Meadows ... apartments with a view!
The Legends at Champions Gate
Windermere Cay Apartments; View Wishes from your living room!

Thanks for reading about all of our adventures, we hope you have fun with yours!

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I've been reading all of your posts here. But, most of the "flashback" posts take me to "livingdisney.coM, not "! And it asks me if I want to purchase it? Just wanted to let you know. I would like to read all of your posts but it's not taking me to them, when I click the link.
Missy :0)

Hi Missy!! It's so nice to hear from you. Thank you SO much for letting me know that my links weren't working!
I have fixed them ~ please let me know if you encounter any other messed up links.
Thanks, and good luck with everything! You can do it, you can make your Disney Dreams come true, it's SO worth it!!

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