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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Which Park?

One of my biggest decisions throughout the week is, "Which Park"?

Tomorrowland in HDR

I love being able to go to the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts whenever I want, but sometimes, with so many options, it's hard to decide where to go!

Are we in the mood for a stroll around World Showcase, with dinner, dessert, or treats from the various countries around the "World"?

Or how about an evening in Disneys Magic Kingdom, riding our favorite rides and eating our favorite snacks?  We never get tired of that!!


Maybe we should go to Disneys Hollywood Studios and ride Tower of Terror, Star Tours, and spend the evening shopping and taking photos of the park after dark?

Tower of Terror ~ my favorite!!
Another option?  Get up early and go to Disneys Animal Kingdom park for a fun day filled with Expedition Everest excursions, Dinosaur spotings, and plenty of wildlife to photograph.

The options are endless, especially when you add in our options of Disney Quest, a great place to go during the summer and the hot, humid days ... or either of the Disney water parks.

Of course there are the Walt Disney World Resorts to choose from, where we love to eat dinner and pin trade, explore the walkways and take photos for our informational website,

Coronado Springs Resort

I haven't even mentioned Downtown Disney Marketplace or Westside, or AMC Downtown Disney for movies, which we get to watch for free, thanks to Trevon's awesome job perk!

Some days it's just so hard to choose, but I just love having the options that I have living here next to Disneyworld, with Disney as my own personal playground!!!! 

I would love to hear what you would choose to do on your free time if you were here right now at Disney.  Comment and share your ideas with us here on our Disney family blog, where we're Living Disney. ºOº



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