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Thursday, September 26, 2013

I hate to say it ... Roaches!

I hate to say it ... Roaches!

I can't begin to tell you how much cockroaches freak me out.  Just typing that word gave me the HebeJeebies!!

I had to do it though, I have to broach this subject.  It's a very important part of moving to Disney.

Let's rewind the clock of time and go back to 2008, when I first started seriously considering moving to Disneyworld.

There were a few major reasons that I had always never truly taken that thought seriously, but all of a sudden I was going to really think on it, and see if I could deal with my concerns enough to actually move the family to Florida.

Here were my biggest concerns about moving to Disney World Florida (not in any particular order):

1. Weather.  Both the heat, and the hurricanes.
2. Bugs!!  I hate bug, and roaches especially!
3. Swamp Water.  I love water, and couldn't imagine not having yummy, clean tasteless water ...
4. Crime (It's bad in the Orlando areas!)

It was those 4 reasons that I never did it.  I never really thought about really moving to Disney.  I mean, I thought about it, but I didn't seriously consider it.  It was a just more of a fantasy, a dream, a "what if", and "could you imagine if?" ...

Obviously we are here, so I overcame my fears, and I'm going to tell you how, and why, and if they were really warranted!

Back to the bugs ... that's what you're here to read about right?  I should insert a pic but I don't want too, lol.  Yuck!!!

My dad grew up in Florida, and has always commented about the roaches in Florida.  He said they were in his house, in his car ... that no matter how nice or big or clean your house was you would have them.  They are a part of Florida and there is nothing you can do to escape them ... scary huh?

I have never lived with cockroaches, and I don't want to!!  The thought of moving to a home with cockroaches in it really scared me, it would be so terrible.

When we moved here we moved into a vacation townhome just miles from Disney.  We took a one year lease on it, not seeing it first, not knowing about the area besides research and photos and the help of my realtor.  (More on that later)

It was 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.  The first thing I did when I went inside was pull open the drawers and jerk open the cabinet doors looking for scurrying bugs, and do you know what I found?

Nothing!!!  No bugs, no roaches!!

We lived in that house for one year and saw a waterbug (Palmetto bug) once!  A waterbug is one of those GIGANTIC roach type bugs that sometimes fly.  It's HUGE and they live near the water, and in warm places.  If you've been on a Disney family vacation I'm sure you've seen one in the parks before.

They aren't the kind of roach that takes over your home and infests.  They are just a regular bug that comes into your home occasionally.

I have to admit though, their giant size really, really, really, really, really creeps me out.  (I don't know if I said really enough)

I do not like them, and although I see them quite often around the Disney Parks and outdoors on walks I have not gotten used to them, nor do I think I ever will.  They are giant and gross and they truly freak me out.  I still scream when I see one, I can't help it, I just can't.  I'm trying to get over my fear of them ... I really am.

One ... one in the first year in my home.  Unfortunately we had very high ceilings and we couldn't reach it initially, fortunately it had wings and came down after a bit.  I couldn't participate in it's removal though, no way.

See that's the other thing.  Even if there was one in front of me I couldn't step on it.  It's too big!  The crunch noise would freak me out.  Gosh, I've said freak me out a lot haven't I?

You get the point.  I don't like them.  It was hard for me to move here knowing, (or thinking) that there were unavoidable roaches everywhere.

Except for that's not necessarily the truth.  I haven't seen them everywhere.  We've lived in a few home these past 4 years and I've never, not even once, had roaches in my home besides the occasional waterbug in the house and yes, in the car.  They definitely seem to be more common during certain times of the year.

We keep it clean, and we have the home taken care of by a pesticide company.   We actually see less bugs here than we did in North Carolina. 

One of my top biggest fears about moving to Disney, roaches, has now morphed into a totally new concern.

Pesticides.  There are so many used here in Florida for the bugs and it made me start thinking years ago that in comparison to other states I bet the pesticide usage is really off the charts, and that concerns me.

It's so interesting how one fear can turn to another.  How so many times fears are just in your mind.  They are drilled into you, or you just don't know.  I am glad I conquered my fears years ago to live my dream of living Disney.  It has changed me in so many ways, and it gave me the "push" I needed to start thinking of my fears and really considering them, and trying to face them.

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This is a dream of mine! I am looking forward to reading your other posts! I have many fears too, and am tired of letting them control me! LOL! I have used your Disney Personal Shopper services and follow you on youtube! My son graduates from 8th grade in May 2014. I would love to move then! But, that scares me to death! I will be reading your other posts and seeing how you coped with your fears!
Thanks for posting! :0)

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