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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Swamp Water

Swamp Water

Florida is a swampy place, with the highest point being only around 345 feet above sea level!  Because of that, the water here in Florida can have a very bad taste, and smell to it.

If you're been to Disney World Florida then you know that smell.  Just think of Splash Mountain, and Pirates of the Caribbean. ºOº   When we used to drive to Disney from North Carolina we would stop at the rest station in Georgia near FL and the water would smell really swampy and we'd know we were on our way to Disney!! 

Did you know that one of the main concerns that I had when considering making our dreams come true and moving to Disney was the water taste?

Since we started eating healthy in 1999 water is our number one drink.  Elizabeth and I drink A LOT of water during the day.  No soda, iced tea, etc.  We do like hot Jasmine tea though, and enjoy that at least twice a day when we're at home.

I don't like water that has a taste to it.  I know you're probably thinking that water doesn't have a taste right?  Well some water does!  In Asheville, North Carolina the water was good, but had a strong chlorine taste, so we had a nice filter installed in our home.  It sure made delicious and refreshing water!!

I personally can't stand the taste of chlorine in water, it physically makes me sick.  I also don't like a lot of bottled water because it has a kind of a sweet taste to it, have you ever had any like that?  Maybe its the sodium they add to it, or the minerals, but I don't care for it.

Another gross thing?  Plastic tasting water!  Have you ever drank out of a plastic water bottle that sat in the sun?  The chemicals in the plastic actually leach into the water that you drink, making it taste like plastic, and potentially harming your body!  Because of this we like to use reusable, washable, stainless steel bottles, called Sigg bottles.
Each year when we visited Central Florida for our two week long Disney family vacation we would stock up on water from the grocery store and bring it with us, or get it once we got here.  I was always SO happy to go back home to my yummy tasteless water in NC, lol.

When talking about why we didn't want to move to Florida, (we didn't have to talk about why we did ... Disneyworld!!), water was one of our main concerns.

Along with the water issue were bugs (we'll talk about those next time), and the heat and humidity.  The thought of swampy Florida water definitely was very scary to us.  Would we have to live off of bottled water?  Would a good filter take away the swampy, sulfur like taste?

To make a long story short ... we got here, tried a filter, didn't like the results, but luckily all the Publix grocery stores in our area have a water filter machine!!

We purchased four polycarbonate 3 Gallon reusable plastic water bottles which we fill and use.  We never, ever use tap water, not even for our cooking.  At first we used to boil our noodles in the tap water with a filter attached, but the noodles absorbed that funky Florida water taste and tasted odd.

The water machine is 30 cents a gallon, so it's 90 cents to fill up a 3 gallon bottle.  We go through about one 3 gallon bottle a day when we're home, and we just stick the empty bottle in the car if we're headed out for the day and fill it up on the way to the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, or on the way home if the store will be open. (Don't leave it in your car though, it will grow algae inside!)

The water in the machine is filtered in many different ways, and has no taste, just like I like it.  Good water, even in Florida!!

When we travel on weekends, or take an overnight trip we take a bottle with us and fill it in the town we're visiting, and you can do that too!

If you're staying in a Disney vacation rental home you can bring your own water containers if you're driving, and fill your water while on vacation!  Tourists seeing me filling my water bottles ask me about it all the time.

If you don't have a polycarbonate container like mine, you can purchase one gallon containers from the grocery store, and fill those.  I personally use the polycarbonate water bottles though because they are made with a stronger type of plastic that doesn't leach chemicals like the thinner bottles over time as they break down.

When I'm headed to the Disney Parks I bring a water bottle with me, and when it's gone I either get cups of water from the places in the parks I know have good, filtered water, or buy a large Dasani bottle, not the smaller ones, from one of the few stores in the parks that carry the large size.

I gotta have my good water!!

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