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Saturday, October 12, 2013

It All Started With a Dream; #2

It All Started With a Dream; #2

Read my first entry in this series here.

Living in North Carolina was a huge change for us!  We had moved to Alaska from California and hadn't lived in the South before.

We stayed with my grandmommy and granddaddy for a month while my parents were in Fairbanks getting ready for the move.   It was fun times.

Asheville was truly a gorgeous place, and I enjoyed taking photos of the mountains, and going on drives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC, and GA.

By the time I was an adult the beauty started to fade.  Pollution rolled in and it didn't roll out.

For years I wanted to leave Asheville, mainly for that reason.  Gone were the days of blue skies and green mountains.  It was gray.  The only time it was pretty, and you could see the mountains that surround Asheville was after it had rained for a few days.

You see, Asheville is a bowl.  It's in the mountains, with tall mountains surrounding the city.  Pollution rolls in and gets stuck.  The mountains were literally barely visible on  most days.  


Friends were getting environmental asthma, and I hated that my family and I were breathing such badly polluted air.

We grew up going to a lot of places.  My dad was in the Air Force for 20 years and he always took us on day trips and weekend trips around CA and AK.  We love to travel, we were bought up that way.

By 2004 we were ready to go!!  The kids were 2 and 8 and we were all ready for an adventure, for a change.  

Although we spent our weekends driving all over the mountains and to surrounding cities we wanted something more exciting.  We had annual tickets to the Biltmore Estate, and we went there sometimes just to feed the ducks on the lake since it was only about a 10 min. drive from home.

We went hiking, exploring, and to childrens museums in other cities.  We like adventure, and Asheville was kind of boring after living there for 20 years.

We loved living there, and unlike many southern cities it was unique because it was filled with a wide variety of eclectic people.  Asheville is has a huge art community, and so many people who believe in natural and healthy lifestyles were moving there.  There were numerous health food stores, and Elizabeth and I worked in one for 4 years, and we loved it.  

We learned so much there from all the wonderful customers and our fellow employees.  It helped shape us into the people we are today.

In 2004 we decided that we would move for sure.  It was time to live our dreams, which was moving someplace new and fun.  We only get to live once in this lifetime, and we want to make sure we're having the most fun possible!!

Our number one priority was healthy air, and healthy water.  

I do have to admit though that moving to Disney was a thought that kept popping up in our minds.  We didn't take it seriously though.  We just imagined how wonderful it would be.  We talked about how fun it would be living near Disneyworld and what we'd do if we did.

It was a fun fantasy of ours, just like planning a vacation, but more fun!!

Back to reality ... I researched and researched zip codes and cancer stats and pollution stats and so on and so on.  Boy, there's not too many places to live in the US with good stats!

We decided on Colorado Springs for clean air and fun.  We had been there before and loved it.   

Over the course of a couple of months we got ready to move.  We put our notices in with our families that we were Nannys for, we found a nice townhouse and put down our non refundable deposit.  

We told our parents we were moving and invited them to move also.  We had a HUGE moving sale and made $2000.00 selling almost everything we owned ...

We got down to 18 days before the move and we were very excited.  Then my mom lost it and begged us to stay.

She wasn't ready to move, she had too much to do.  She had too much accumulated and she wanted more time.  She didn't want us to leave without her and my dad and she asked for 6 months.

6 more months to be ready so she could move to Colorado Springs also.

We discussed it and decided we would stay for 6 more months.  We moved out of our house and into a townhouse across town.  We took out a 6 month lease (our first time in an apartment/townhouse community), and we moved in.

We loved it there!  It was great!  The home was beautiful and well maintained, and we made new friends.  6 months flew by!!

Before we knew it our lease was up and it was time to go!!


It All Started With a Dream To be continued ... 



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