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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Rental Homes in Poinciana

Rental Homes in Poinciana

I remember when we decided to live our dream and move to Disney back in 2008.  One of the hardest and most stressful decisions for us to make was where to live.

The Orlando area is huge, and options were a plenty!!  Luckily we home school, so we didn't have to worry about school systems, which would only have added to the stress.

What we did worry about though was crime.  Orlando and a lot of the surrounding areas have a very high crime rate.  I used to scour the City-Data forums for info on good, safe neighborhoods near Disney.

What I read from locals, and former Florida residents scared me!!!  I lost many nights of sleep the first couple of weeks that it took to decide where to live.

I was so scared of all the terrible things that I read!!


I remember browsing homes for rent near Disney and seeing so many beautiful houses!!  In Asheville we lived in a very nice townhome which we loved.  It was a great community, and the home was very nice and well maintained.  In Asheville there weren't too many new build houses.  Most of them were old, and seeing all the gorgeous new homes, so sunny and large and open, with patios and pools ... well, needless to say, I was excited!!

Some of the houses that I saw that were huge and very cheap, rental wise, were in Poinciana.  Poinciana.  It sounded pretty and the pictures looked nice.  I decided to look into Poinciana, near Kissimmee, near Disney.

The house above, and the one at the top of the page are the same home.  It's located in Poinciana and the rent is $1300.00 per month.  

It has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and it's almost 3000 square feet.  

Seems like a great deal?

What about this one?
It's $1000.00 a month and has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and 2148 square feet.  

I was paying $1200.00 a month for my townhouse!

What about this whopper?  It rents for $1050.00 a month and has 4 bdrms and 2 bathrooms.   It has an eat in kitchen with new kitchen appliances, new oak cabinets, and new carpets throughout!

It's probably about a 20 minute drive to Disneyworld ... sound nice?

That's what I thought, until I researched the crime in Poinciana!

The violent crime, and property crime is higher than the national average, and if you look up particular zip codes the crime ratings can be off the charts!

We have friends who have lived in Poinciana and they said it was terrible!  They said they wouldn't even go to the WalMart there after 10pm.

SpotCrime is a great website that you can use to get crime reports in your zip code, or any zip code.  You can get updates daily for crime in your chosen area.  In my current area for example there is rarely any activity, and when there's activity then it's small, like vandalism, or domestic disputes.

If you check out Poinciana on their map you will see a giant ongoing list of crime just from the past few days!!

I would NOT recommend choosing Poinciana to live if you want to move to Disney.  It's one of my top "Nos" for areas near Disney to live in, even if the housing community is a gated community.

If you want more info on the crime rates in Poinciana you can contact the local police department, or research the zip code of the specific area which you're considering.

I hope discussing rental Homes in Poinciana helps you on your quest in making your dreams come true and moving to Florida to be next to Disney!



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