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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Disney Halloween 2013; Celebration Florida

Disney Halloween 2013; Celebration Florida

As always we had an wonderful and fun Halloween in Celebration!!  

We actually made a LivingDisney Vlog of our Halloween night, we hope you enjoy it!

Mahnara and Zarius Trick or Treated, Elizabeth, me, our mom, dad, and Trevon enjoyed the evening watching them trick or treat.

Trevon dressed as a cowboy, and we had a cowgirl dress made from "Four Footed Fashions" on Etsy and Facebook, for his long haired Chihuahua, Zara.

They were so cute!!

Mahnara was dressed as a vampire for the first time ever, and me, Elizabeth, and Zarius wore Dia De Los Muertos face paint.  

It was our first time doing that also, and I am very proud of the results, and we had a great time getting ready for Halloween as always.

We took inspiration from various photos of authentic Day of the Dead, and Halloween costume face painting Day of the Dead images we found on the internet.

Here is what I ended up doing. 

The past couple of years we had dressed as zombies, which was really fun and interactive.  This year we posed for a few photos with our dogs, where in previous years we posed for many, many photos because of our awesomely realistic zombie family costumes.

Here was Mahnara as a zombie bride ~

We always have fun as zombies, but this year we wanted to try a change. Next year it will probably be zombies again ... :)

As always, I can't wait for Halloween!! 



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