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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Free Roadside Assistance in the Walt Disney World Resort; Insider Tip!

Free AAA Assistance in the Walt Disney World Resort; Insider Tip!

Last night we were in Downtown Disney Westside to watch "Thor, The Dark World" at AMC Downtown Disney, and I locked the keys in the car.

What a pain!!  I don't do that often, but it's always an inconvenience when I do. 

Earlier this year we were at the Caribbean Beach Resort and we came out after eating dinner to find we had a flat tire!

Find out what to do if you get a flat tire, run out of gas, or if your car brakes down, on your way to and from the parks and resorts, while your on your Disney vacation.

Disneyworld has you covered!!  

Did you know that Disney provides basic FREE roadside help to guests of the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts?  

Disney provides Complimentary gas assistance, towing, jump starting, flat tire help, and they can even help if your vehicle is stuck off road, in the mud!

What if you're in the parking lot of a Disney park and need help?

• Contact the nearest Cast Member or Disney Security and tell them of your situation.
• You can find help at the Disney Theme parks for up to an hour after they close. 
• They will have help like AAA come out to your location.

If it is really late at night, or early in the AM, and you are not around people, don't worry.

Not only does Disneyworld have Orange County Sheriff's Office cruisers patrolling around the clock, they also have plenty of Disney Security vehicles of their own.

We suggest that you wait in your vehicle, or at your location, and watch the roads, you will most likely be found by Security or a Sheriff.

What they can't help you with is if you lock your key in the car.  If that happens, you'll need to call help on your own, and at your own expense.  Use your AAA if you have it, or a call a local locksmith.  Disney can recommend a locksmith to you if you need one.

Earlier this year, when we needed help with our flat tire it took about an hour for the AAA truck to arrive, and he changed our tire for us, putting on our spare. (We never used the spare before, didn't even know it was under the car :)

The whole ordeal took about 1 1/2 hours, and the AAA tech that came was super nice and helpful.
He showed me where the tools where hidden in my trunk, and how to lower and change the tire.

If you're on vacation and need car care you can go to the AAA Car Care Center near Disneys Magic Kingdom for anything from an oil change to new tires. They even take care of major problems, if they unfortunately happen.
We actually get our oil changed there so that we can take the complimentary shuttle to the Ticket and Transportation Center, and hop a bus to a Theme park for the day while our car is being serviced.  It sure beats waiting in a waiting room off property!!



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